What's My Sexuality? (For Girls)

This is test for confused teen girls. Just being a teen is hard enough without the struggle of trying to figure out your sexuality, right? Well, I made this test for other girls who are asking themselves the same questions I did. Try it! Hopefully it will help you. Good luck!

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    Which of these is closest to being your dream partner?
    Which of these is closest to being your dream partner?

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27 days ago
it said i was bisexual ; - ;
75 days ago
I know what my sexuality is but i was just bored so i took this quiz, and it was right! im bi
94 days ago
Pan? I thought I was bi ik what pans means I like all genders but I always thought bi ik my family will support me cuz they support my trans uncle (he was born female) but I'm to scared to tell them
98 days ago
I am 10 and bi baha!!! Also just saying I AM a girl Nik is my nickname btw. I thought I was bi but just wanted to make sure also I feel more attracted to girls tho...... Also I know some people like me r young but it's funny how this could be a dating bi/lesbian/pan/straight/ace/other thing that idk site.
101 days ago
My results:

You are asexual or "ace," which means you're not interested in having💝or in being sexually attracted to someone. If you're happy, I am happy for you. There are lots of ways to have love in your life without being romantically or sexually involved. Enjoy them all, and good luck!

Ok so lets get this straight. Just because someone is asexual doesnt mean that they dont want a romantic relationship. infact there is an entire other term for that (aromantic). Asexuals just dont experience sexual attraction.
This concludes my TED talk.
102 days ago
it said i was bi. i agree so much ahhhh
121 days ago
Every other quiz said i was bisexual-weird
121 days ago
✨l e s b i a n✨
122 days ago
well, im apparently ace. sure
129 days ago
You are lesbian, which means you are attracted only to other girls. If you find this shocking, know that this is completely normal. Make sure to only tell people who want the best for you, because not everyone is gonna wish you the best for not being straight. Girls are an incredible gender, and you are lucky, in my opinion. Be happy with yourself and don't be afraid to come out to those you trust.

I mean probably
141 days ago
Yes! YES! Y E S! NOW GIMME A GF! seriously- I feel like a lesbian :) and I AAAAM V●ᴥ●V
154 days ago
So, it said I was bisexual, but, I get real homosexual vibes. Every other test said I was lesbian :/
162 days ago
Actually idk I don’t really want to do it with a guy I’m so confused lol
162 days ago
it said im pan and tbh i think i am
167 days ago
Im 10 and it said lesbian, i have never crushed on a male, but i am right now Cruhing on a female but i think im trans? or Im Nonbinary. but i have also ONLY crushed on females. im actuallly going t take a gender test right now from the same site.
173 days ago
so it said im bi, but idk. i would only have🌻with a woman, and I've been attracted to men but well they are all anime men which sounds dumb but like does that mean I'm bi? idk because I'm not attracted to actual men.
190 days ago
It said that I’m ace, but I feel like I am :)
191 days ago
I got I am bisexual (said the same thing on a different quiz)
And I think I'm bisexual or pansexual
So I think it's correct I'm still confused
192 days ago
I have a question, I find both boys and girls attractive but I would do it w a girl but not a boy. But I’m attracted to both. What am I?
193 days ago