What's My Sexuality? (For Girls) Quiz

This is test for confused teen girls. Just being a teen is hard enough without the struggle of trying to figure out your sexuality, right? Well, I made this test for other girls who are asking themselves the same questions I did. Try it! Hopefully it will help you. Good luck!

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    Which of these is closest to being your dream partner?
    Which of these is closest to being your dream partner?

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50 days ago
ahhahahahahahahaha ahahahah im straight 💑 💑 the gays lol comment to change my mined
54 days ago
Ok so I got lesbian but I like 2 guys and like i've dated mostly girls
64 days ago
I chose pizza and pizza only!!☺🍕
64 days ago
comment :> if your bi sexual


-im apart of the legetitableqa cummunity
67 days ago
ok i really dont know why it said im gay IM NONBIONATY
69 days ago
Haha they told me I’m ace but I’m pan
I think it thought that cause I’m 11 so the🦄questions are weird so I just answer the one that says no
72 days ago
kates question : i got 50 perent lesbian and 50 percent straight doez that mean im bi answer: yes your are bi
73 days ago
im a girl and i got drum roll pls ........40 perent bi idk if im bi i think im pan but i took a quez and now a whole new sexuality is avaliable add a ;} if you relate
78 days ago
At the last question "Which would you rather touch?", can their be an option to say "None"?
85 days ago
I'm not pan I'm bi lol I was just testing if it worked
89 days ago
At first I believed I was bi, but now I’m pretty sure I’m pan. I’ve done quite a few quizzes now and got pan according to this site and a couple others. I’ve also tried researching the differences between bi and pan and pan seems to match me better. If anyone is confused of what they mean here it is

Bi: Has attraction to two or more genders

Pan: Has attraction to any gender. Gender doesn’t matter to pan people in a relationship

I hope this helped people like me and these definitions might not be 100% accurate.
97 days ago
I got 50% lesbian and 50% straight. Does that mean I'm bi?
99 days ago
I got 40% lesbian and 40% pan im happy for my self
146 days ago
I might be Trans I do not know fully I know that I am lesbian!
176 days ago
I'm bi according to the site I always had a feeling of some kind😁
188 days ago
I thought I was bi, but now I think I’m a lesbian. I’m ready to come out to my gay cousin but I don’t know what to come out as, bi or lesbian. I think I’ll just say I like girls and leave it as that.
191 days ago
Idk i know i might be bi but lately i have been thinking i am lesbian if i were to come out i think my fam will be okay with at least i have a athoer member of the LGBTQ+ community in my family and were very close with her and her partner so atleast i can come out to her first
213 days ago
Tbh, i like someone and then i ask them; I like you, do you want to by my girlfriend? And then she starts actually blushing.....!!! And now (7 weeks later) we're dating. Im going to tell my parents at a good time today and tell them imma lesbian!
234 days ago
I got lesbian on like 20 of them so yep it's trying to tell me something. Like I have a girlfriend but I thought I was pan but nope.
258 days ago
Rip I just realized I'm ace...makes sense I want a dog anyways :D