Am I lesbian, straight, bi, bi-curious, asexual, or pansexual

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  • 1
    When you think of guys what do you feel? (In a sexual way)
  • 2
    How do you think of girls? (In a sexual way)
  • 3
    Close your eyes...imagine you're in the shower and someone walks in and starts kissing you is it a boy or girl?

  • 4
    How do you feel about gay rights?
  • 5
    What is your outfit choice?
    (Stereotypes coming at you)
  • 6
    How short are our nails?

  • 7
    How do you see your future?
  • 8
    What's your favorite TV show?
  • 9
    What do you think you will get?
  • 10
    And now let fate decide

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527 days ago
God made everybody the way they are(he is also very mad that people get plastic surgery but a respects your decision) so if you think you "have" to be straight when are LGBTQ+ don't be afraid to hid it.
527 days ago
Ima straight diva!?!? Wut?!!?!? I'm non-binary so idk. Also @Erm not to get in your personal life but you might Bi and theres nothing wrong with that.
604 days ago
I got ace ,not true I am so a lesbian. Just because I answered I don’t have a favourite TV show I am instantly ace.
641 days ago
Uh I got ace which isn’t true. I don’t want to do it with a boy but I would do it with a girl if we were really in love. I have had crushes on only boys in the past but now I find them disgusting in a romantic and sexual way. All my friends are girls, idk if that means anything. I want to know for sure, but I have no idea if I’m lesbian or bisexual. I know for a fact that I’m not straight; can someone please help???
673 days ago
Brookelynn, the test may be inaccurate for you but I think you may be bisexual
Also I'm Pentecostal
And my uncle is gay and is being cyber bullied because he is a Trump Supporter (please don't hate me for that)
673 days ago
Loo,God IS okay with it because he made you that way:). Sorry Im not a Christian but I hope that's okay. You should be yourself, you are special in a good way and that's amazing about you.
673 days ago
Jinx, That is very very true! You should be able to like any gender you want, no matter what other people think!
673 days ago
Yes!!! I GOT ITTT!!! I'm proud to be Asexual because Idk I just am. XD
722 days ago
You are asexual. You don't have any sexual tension with anyone and don't want any sexual experiences with anyone.

Hahahaha sooooo true😁
787 days ago
im confused i thought i was bi then i was told i was lesbian and now im pan?
851 days ago
I had once asked out a friend of mine, I was only in the 6th grade, and little me didn't know it was 'wrong' to be a female and date a girl. She said 'ummm no.' and left it at that. latter on I was teased and bullied. eventually, in 8th grade, I started dating popular guys at my school to prove I wasn't 'gay.' and even though I was also attracted to dudes I felt trapped. a girl in my last period class randomly walked up to me and told me she was trans and that she thought i was beautiful... I almost blew her off when my heart just gave out and I gave her a huge hug. she taught me that it's okay to like/want whatever I'm attracted too. :3 I hope everyone has someone like that in their life.
887 days ago
I know I am pansexual I love girls and boys what's the big difference i don't care if ppl want to tell me i am suppose to be straight I don't care....
943 days ago
I've taken 3 tests and apparently I am pansexual!
1191 days ago
Question 6:how short are your nails?
Me:Is there an option for nonexistent
1365 days ago
Give it a little time to accept it because I kept trying to convince myself to be straight but you shouldn't do that. Like I said, Relax about the situation and give it time. Wear your pride!
1368 days ago
Says I'm asexual which I am
Oh, and I didn't answer the last one since it was fate. It still let me through
1401 days ago
First it said asexual and now it says pansexual But an other quiz i took said bi sexual halp me😭
1405 days ago
Hey! I am a bisexual girl and trust me, I’ve been through the same things you have. Just remember that if god hated you for being gay or pansexual or whatever, why would he make you the way you are? You’re gorgeous, and you know, the more you build up what your parents reactions will be, the more you’ll pull yourself into that dark place. I am a Christian and it’s not easy being LGBTQ+! But there is a whole community of people that will help you here. And if you go to a public school, the counselors are literally trained to deal with this stuff! I didn’t even go to therapy for the first 3 years of having anxiety, depression, and much more. I went to my school counselor. And the nice thing is it’s free, you can go whenever, and sometimes they’ll give their phone numbers in case you need to talk. There are so many resources out there! Find them and utilize them.

1405 days ago
it says im straight but i like girls and boys what do i do????
1418 days ago
I am pan. My parents are okay with it, but im not sure I am. Advice?