What is my sexuality?

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Sexuality can be hard to figure out. This quiz will help you to know if you are gay, bisexual, or asexual

  • 1
    Have you ever dated a member of the same sex?
  • 2
    Have you ever had/ wanted to have a sexual encounter with a member of the same sex?
  • 3
    The thought of kissing a boy...

  • 4
    A girl asks you out on a date, you...
  • 5
    Would you be comfortable being called gay?
  • 6
    Seeing two girls kissing in the hallway makes you

  • 7
    What made you question your sexuality
  • 8
    Would you ever date a close friend?
  • 9
    Do you think your parents would except you if you were gay?
  • 10
    What do you think you’re going to get?

Comments (44)


616 days ago
This changed my answers to make my results hetero. That’s not ok!
647 days ago
It said that I was straight and that I may have even been in a serious relationship but I said multiple times that I have never had feelings for anyone. So yea idk
664 days ago
I’m am 100% OwO bisexual I think
825 days ago
I’m bisexual and my mom still doesn’t know. She made a negative comment on bisexuals once saying that they just need to make up their minds. How do I tell her? Help?
841 days ago
So I figured out I wasn’t completely straight when I was 12 and started dating my best friend we are still together im 16 now and about to go through the process of transitioning from a female to a male I always new I was a boy even when I was 9 but when I came out I thought I was pansexual but I think I got it lucky because everyone in my friend group is ether bi pan lesbian or Like me a transgender boy so I thought I might share my story hope you enjoyed 😊
871 days ago
I think I knew I was straight but I really wouldn’t sure so this is a good test to find out
873 days ago
Like, I’m confused... it said I was Asexual, which was not true, I think. I like both genders, and have had a crush on both genders. It’s weird tho, since I decided my sexuality at age 11, but hey, my younger sis is 9 and she decided she is lesbian
883 days ago
It says that I’m bi, I’m honestly not sure
893 days ago
I knew I was bisexual, I’m so scared to came out, I like a boy named Anthony and girl named Cassidy. I guess it’s bc no boy has ever showed interest in me so I’m trying out both genders, but my parents don’t let me do anything, I’m 11 and Bisexual💑 and 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
899 days ago
I am asexual dont mind one bit # love who you want people who judge or tease are stupid
904 days ago
I’m 11 and it said I’m an asexual but I feel like I’m to young to know my true sexuality
926 days ago
I got gay, the description seemed to fit me, so I'm gay.
986 days ago
I'm bi sexual too still in closet with my family and some friends others know.
1032 days ago
I’m not gay just because I have a girlfriend... I’m bi for crying out loud.
Mean test.
So mean
1070 days ago
Can you add ace spectrum, gender spectrum, and more sexualities? I think I might be panace but it told me i was bi.
1109 days ago
Hey, I'm twelve years old and I have a crush on two of my friends. One of them is named Ezekiel and the other is Aimee. I have sexual thoughts about Zeke but only kissing thoughts about Aimee. I also came out recently and my friend group is very supportive. My friends say that Aimee is "out of my league" (probably). All of my friends are straight. I told Ezekiel that I have i crush on him and NOW it is awkward i need HELP.
1138 days ago
I'm Ace
but it said I
1144 days ago
I knew I was bi, I’m just really scared of coming out
1145 days ago
I though I was bi but I may actually be asexual.
1173 days ago
Welp it says I’m a lesbian which honestly I should’ve known because when I dated a guy I didn’t really feel anything between us but then I dated a girl and I was always happy with the idea of us. So that’s great👌🏽🙌🏽🤪