What is my sexuality? (For girls!)

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This test is a sexuality test, A test I have created to try and help people who are very confused about their sexuality. Just because this quiz says you are a sexuality doesn't always mean it's right, this is from my own personal knowledge

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    What gender are you currently crushing on/ dating

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1411 days ago
40% ace, 30% lesbian/gay, 30% Bi but somehow 0% straight?
@Livvia (81735)
you could be asexual. I am somewhat ace my self and can relate to how you feel.
1411 days ago
for anyone one in the comment section questioning or are just unsure; I have been there, and it SUCKS. I am sorry you have to go through this. I know it seems it is never ending and you just want someone to tell you, but it is not that easy. I know. But one day , sometime, it will just hit you like an "aha moment" But here are some questions to help you out.
1) Would you DATE a GUY? A girl?
2) Would you ever have a sexual relationship with a GUY? A girl?
This test is actually well written and is actually a very resourceful tool. Use it but don't ONLY abide by that. I wish you the best of luck!
1413 days ago
I am 50% bi sexual........K BAII PEOPLE!!!! P.S. LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!;}
1417 days ago
90% straight,proud of myself
1418 days ago
40% lesbian, 30% bi 30% asexual and 0% straight
I kinda already knew that i would get something like this
1418 days ago
to save your time ladies, if you are taking this you're more than likely not straight
1422 days ago
i took the test again and i'm 50% lesbian and 30% bi and 10% straight.
1424 days ago
I feel like I might be lgbtq, but I’ve never had a crush or a relationship (I’m 15) and there’s no wiggle room to “experiement” but I don’t want to date guys either. So I just feel left out of the whole dating thing. Am I just too young or something?
1424 days ago
Right,so im 50%les 40% bi 10%asexual
No jokes this is absolutely true how the hell have you read my diary
1427 days ago
1427 days ago
Im 60% bi, 20% asexual, and 20% straight..
1428 days ago
Lmao I’m 0% straight.... Sounds about right 😂🏳️‍🌈
1430 days ago
thanks for the test