Are you straight, Bisexual, or Lesbian?

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I would like to think that this test will help you find out your sexuality I know you might want to answer some question so you get straight but don't do that or this test wont work.

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    Do you find yourself thinking about boys a lot?

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221 days ago
I got bi sexual but I'm defo lesbian
232 days ago
I got straight but I don’t like boys sexually and I am a full on LESBIAN.
233 days ago
I got bi but I am a full on lesbian how!!!
288 days ago
It said that im bi. BUT I AM ACCUALLY LESBIAN
369 days ago
It says that I'm a lesbian.. I've never liked a girl before.. Though I have liked guys. I took 3 of these tests, one said I'm straight, one said I'm bi, and this is the 3rd one. What the hell-
435 days ago
I got bi sksksks. I'm a lesbian. Sure I can tell when a guy has good looks because I can 🌻king see but I'm not aroused by a dude. D*ck is boring.
442 days ago
i dont like boys and girls equally at all there was like one thing where i didn’t put the most gay answer
584 days ago
k but why did i ( a whole a** lesbian ) get straight ? duuude
803 days ago
Heyyy let the gays UNITE
818 days ago
I'm literally str8 af and i got bisexual just bcs i said "no" rather then "ew" 2 times lmao
862 days ago
Oh my god Im totally bi
865 days ago
I'm so bi
881 days ago
Hey girls just another bisexual girl who is WAY to scared to come out of the closet to her homophobic parents, any suggestions?
885 days ago
Like, I checked that I look at girl’s butts, that I kissed a girl and that I’m liking a girl, and somehow I got straight...... I’m bissexual
889 days ago
i i'm straight but somehow i got bi
889 days ago
so apparently I (a lesbian) is straight. bro im weakkkkk
891 days ago
I cant tell if im lesbian or bi.... i currently have a crush on one of my best freinds thats a girl, but I havent had a boy crush in a long time... Should i look up pics of boy celebs and see if i like them?? I already know i like girls, but not 100% sure about guys..
896 days ago
Yep bi thats me.definetly correct.
897 days ago
(Both girls just in case ur were confused)
897 days ago
It still says I’m Bi , which I was getting the feeling I was getting that way and my best friend is bi ... I may or may not be gaining like like feeling which isn’t good she says it will never be like that . Bc for all she knows I’m straight ... should I tell her I’m bi? Or wait till ik for sure that I’m Bi . Plz help :(