Am I lesbian, bisexual, asexual or straight? (GIRLS)

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Curious, or already know? Take this quiz!

Note - this doesn’t determine your sexuality, only you can.

  • 1
    You’re dating a male, how do you feel?
  • 2
    You are dating a woman, how do you feel?
  • 3
    Picture your wedding!
    What was the ender of the first person you pictured?

  • 4
    Who do you have a crush on, it can be a celebrity crush?
  • 5
    An equally attractive woman and an equally attractive man are both really kind and both want to date you. Which do you choose?
  • 6
    While at a sleepover, you are playing spin the bottle.
    Would you rather the bottle land on a male or female?

    (You spin a bottle in a circle and whoever it lands on you have to kiss)

  • 7
    Could you imagine yourself having sex with a woman?
  • 8
    What do you think you are if you had to decide now?
  • 9
    Picture the hottest person you have ever seen!
    What was the gender of the person?
  • 10
    What gender have you been in/ want to be in a relationship with before?

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586 days ago
You don't know the definition of Asexual. Asexual or Asexuality is a person who experiences little to no sexual attraction. With this quiz, you're implying asexual people don't like anyone. That's FAR from the truth. You're confusing asexuality with aromanticism because AROMANTIC is experiencing little to no romantic attraction.

I'm saying this as an asexual lesbian. I experience little to no sexual attraction but I'm romantically attraction to women, as another woman. But aromantic lesbians also exist.
688 days ago
I got bisexual. I have had a crush on a girl before, I can't see her anymore 😭. I have a crush on one of my friends (male). I hope that they like me to. Also here is the reason I can't see the female crush:
We were at ANCCS (Alaska Native Cultural Charter School), my mum didn't tell me we were moving schools (or i just don't remember), I almost cried because I had two besties there (one of those besties were my crush the other was a best friend). And yeah that's why I can't see them anymore😭
703 days ago
Uh, got lesbian but that’s beside the point.

Bisexual isn’t the same as unsure or confused. That’s the way that it was worded in this quiz. I’m not saying the quiz is horrible, but it could use a little work. Example below of what I’m talking about. (From question 8 I think)

What do you think you are if you had to decide now?




Bisexual / unsure
711 days ago
I got asexual but some things were off with asexual.
Like even if I'm asexual I still like here. I think what you were talking about what aromantic asexual. I'm gray-biromantic asexual so I've had small crushes or very few crushes but on both genders, men and women. And I'm asexual cuz I don't have a desire to have it with anyone although girls are attractive to me but I don't want to act on it or anything idk I'm so confused
820 days ago
Lesbian!!! Thinks for a movement, hmmmm how to tell family?
899 days ago
I'm a lesbian
Well I have a gf so :)
1055 days ago
Ok i said ONE THING about women being hot and it says im bi..... oof this is not ok...
1247 days ago
I’m a straight girl and I’m asexual.
But I always wanted to be born a straight male too.
What the hell does that make me?
1294 days ago
Lol k I noticed that Aromantic and Asexual got a bit messed up but ok. I got Asexual, but I'm Homoromantic if that even is a thing lmao
1326 days ago
I got Bi.....I'm in a phase that I don't really know my sexuality soo.......but I have taken 3 different quizzes and all have told me I'm Bi.....If I really am Bi my parents would FREAK! I'm a Christain so I am technically supposed to like guys but I don't know if I like guys or girls!!
1337 days ago
This test said that asexual is not liking anybody, but it’s actually not wanting to have 💗...
1342 days ago
Hit or miss: asexual still means that you would date someone lol aromantic means something like that
1342 days ago
Uh... I mean... It said I'm asexual though I mostly put I'd date a woman? So I mean cool but huh never guessed to get that
1343 days ago
This was actually easy for me. I’m straight
1346 days ago
for anyone one in the comment section questioning or are just unsure; I have been there, and it SUCKS. I am sorry you have to go through this. I know it seems it is never ending and you just want someone to tell you, but it is not that easy. I know. But one day , sometime, it will just hit you like an "aha moment" But here are some questions to help you out.
1) Would you DATE a GUY? A girl?
2) Would you ever have a sexual relationship with a GUY? A girl?
This test is actually well written and is actually a very resourceful tool. Use it but don't ONLY abide by that. I wish you the best of luck!
1348 days ago
I got Lesbian. But I like guys and girls though. I kind like girls more than guys but I still like guys.
1348 days ago
It turned out lesbian I’m not surprised but my parents don’t know I am and there kinda against gay and lesbian.. 0-0
1349 days ago
Why is this whole questioning thing soooo hard
1349 days ago
I'm asexual? How do I not like anyone if i'm dating XD for real i am
1349 days ago
I’m ace! Also pan, but I mean, hey! I thought I was, but I was unsure.