Sexuality Quiz for Girls

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This is a quiz to help you try to figure out your sexuality. I took many similar quizzes before I found my true sexuality. Just know that your sexuality is up to YOU in the end, and there are many more sexualities than are represented in this quiz. You are an amazing human no matter your sexuality. Be proud of who you are.

  • 1
    Who do you want to have a long term relationship with?
  • 2
    Imagine that you see someone so beautiful that your heart drops a little and all you can do is stare for a moment. What gender(s) could cause you to feel this way?
  • 3
    Imagine that your female best friend (who in this scenario is NOT homophobic at all) comes out to you as bisexual (liking 2 or more genders). Which of these answer choices might fit your first thoughts?

  • 4
    If you asked your best friend what their sexuality was (don't actually do this, it might feel intrusive), what would you want them to say?
  • 5
    When/if you have crushes where you just love everything about the person, what gender does the person usually identify as?
  • 6
    Think of the three people who you would most like to be in a relationship with right now.

    What gender(s) are those three people?

  • 7
    What gender(s) do you usually form the closest bonds with?
  • 8
    What orientations have you thought about being? Which orientations seem to best describe you with what you have figured out so far?

    You don't have to be at all sure about your answer:)
  • 9
    What sexuality are you sure DOESN'T describe you?
  • 10
    Imagine that your parents are completely accepting of all sexualities. Which gender would you feel most comfortable telling your parents you were dating (ALL homophobia aside)?

  • 11
    How sure are you of your sexuality?
  • 12
    All homophobia aside, what sexual orientation do you want to be?

Comments (140)


2 days ago
SO HAPPY I GOT BI because I circled between gay,lesbianism and straight so yeah 🥰
3 days ago
I was 50°/° les Bian tho I'm pan
5 days ago
i was 0%straight HAHAHHAHA
18 days ago
Honestly as an ace person I find it so boring when all people care about is their crushes and thats all they talk about, anybody else feel the same?
35 days ago
I haven’t liked anyone for 14 years 😢
35 days ago
Asexual buddies wassup!!! 👼💅🏼
46 days ago
Guys don’t worry this is fake it is just trying to help you, don’t believe it fully. I know this may sound rude but I’m trying to help you guys out. Here’s stuff that may help 1. just see if you have any crushes, what gender? (You have no crushes? That’s ok! There’s a chance you’re Asexual.) 2. Do you have a preference? (If both genders or none that’s ok! I don’t care which gender I’d date.) 3. Do you ever dream about the opposite gender or the same gender? (If none thats fine.) 2. What gender have you dated? (If you are a kid like me or haven’t dated that’s totally ok!) 4. (For people who have dated) Did you enjoy dating that same gender or opposite gender? (If the same gender you have a chance that your Gay or Lesbian, even Bisexual. If the opposite there is a chance you are Hetrosexual (Straight) or which is ok you could be also Bisexual. 5. Do you already identify as Gay, Lesbain, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Polysexual or are you just questioning? (If questioning that’s ok) + if your sexuality is all over the place that’s ok! Your unsure, I’m not gonna go onto google but you can for searching up what it means it’s ok if you already identify it can change. I hope this could help.
92 days ago
58% pan, 25% aromantic, 17% bi.
95 days ago
For 83% you are: You are asexual or aromantic, according to this quiz! That means that you either don't experience sexual attraction or you don't experience romantic attraction! Asexuality is a real sexuality, no matter what people say! You are valid!
106 days ago
Hmm perhaps? I'm not sure yet though :/
108 days ago
I'm lesbian or pansexual :) honestly thats what I expected but I'm not sure
110 days ago
@Xyz maybe you are Heteroflexible or something? I think it means that you mostly like the opposite gender but rarely you can like the same gender. Btw it's not the same as Bisexual
116 days ago
Okay so... 50% lesbian, 25% pansexual, 8% straight (but I hope not because I kinda really hate straight men), 8% bi and 8% asexual
117 days ago
Oh And btw: im 50% Bi 42% Pan 8% lesbian 0% straight tbh
117 days ago
Im bisexual, and im fine with it. Im very sorry for @Dino. Its fine to be Lesbian. LGBTQ+ should be more respected. It doesnt matter of youre gay, lesbian, straight, bi or pan: just be the sexuality you want to be. If ure parents dont agree: dont listen to them. Its your life, not theirs. Be whatever you wanna be, happy pride month!!
119 days ago
I'm so sorry for all the 10 year old girls in the comments saying their parents are homophobic. My sister came out as pan at 9, and they were confused, but me as a 12 year old is being more accepted (I think??) than she was at 9. This isn't fair, and don't let anyone tell you it is, but it's because our parents can be very new to this whole lgbtq+ thing. They grew up in a time where everyone was terrified of lgbtq+ people and no one had the internet as a resource to learn about all the amazing things about being lgbtq+. You might have to give your parents some time to accept you, and if you're not out yet I think probably wait a few more years, because chances are they'll be more accepting then. Again, it's not fair, but it's for your safety. And if you never feel quite ready to come out, then just do you. Just make sure that you know your parents won't disown you if you come out, because unfortunately that happens. If it's not safe to come out, don't do it. Just remember that you are so worth it and you have an amazing online community you can return to anytime when you're feeling down. I recommend watching Paige and Holly's YouTube video about what they wish they knew before coming out. Anyway, have an amazing day :)
119 days ago
@Yvonne ummmm you just described me this is scary
126 days ago
Ok so I have taken a BUNCH of these quizzes and I think I might be bi or pan. I feel like pan fits better though. I also have a small dilemma. I think I might have a crush on my best friend. Whenver I imagine us together (kissing hugging cuddling etc.) I feel warm and tingly and happy. How do I know I'm not confusing romantic feelings with just wanting to be best friends??? How do I tell her this???

~A confused 12 year old girl
146 days ago
I am lesbian but my parents will kill me if i tell them so ... :(
149 days ago
Idk if i am bi or lesbian. i cant imagine a sexul reltionship ofr kissing a dude. but there are some i find jaw dropping hot (dudes with long hair and makeup/ goth/ pirate/Scabior from harry potter) but idk if i just like them becausse they are feminine or something or maybe its just their outfits. I heard of something called finsexual which is attracted to femenine people but i dont think that QUITE fits. i currently identify as bi, or a biromantic lesbian, but kissing a dude???!!!! no thanks. romantic???? meh. idkidkidk. I definitely like girls tho. and when i thin about my future, i get more excited when i see myself living with a girl and not a guy. idk if i really like guys or if its just me liking their outfit, hair and personality. idk if i really like them or not. I am already out to my parents and i have decided ill date a girl and a boy and if i like the guy, then im bi and if i like the girl and not the guy, im lesbian. but idk if i can wait that long i wanna know now! can you find someone cute and awesome but not want to be in a romantic or sexual relationship wih them? if the answer is yes then maybe im lesbian. But i dont wanna come out to my parents again, especially with something so.... not straight. idk anymore. and if i do date a girl,

-14 yo girl