Sexuality Quiz for Girls

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This is a quiz to help you try to figure out your sexuality. I took many similar quizzes before I found my true sexuality. Just know that your sexuality is up to YOU in the end, and there are many more sexualities than are represented in this quiz. You are an amazing human no matter your sexuality. Be proud of who you are.

  • 1
    Who do you want to have a long term relationship with?
  • 2
    Imagine that you see someone so beautiful that your heart drops a little and all you can do is stare for a moment. What gender(s) could cause you to feel this way?
  • 3
    Imagine that your female best friend (who in this scenario is NOT homophobic at all) comes out to you as bisexual (liking 2 or more genders). Which of these answer choices might fit your first thoughts?

  • 4
    If you asked your best friend what their sexuality was (don't actually do this, it might feel intrusive), what would you want them to say?
  • 5
    When/if you have crushes where you just love everything about the person, what gender does the person usually identify as?
  • 6
    Think of the three people who you would most like to be in a relationship with right now.

    What gender(s) are those three people?

  • 7
    What gender(s) do you usually form the closest bonds with?
  • 8
    What orientations have you thought about being? Which orientations seem to best describe you with what you have figured out so far?

    You don't have to be at all sure about your answer:)
  • 9
    What sexuality are you sure DOESN'T describe you?
  • 10
    Imagine that your parents are completely accepting of all sexualities. Which gender would you feel most comfortable telling your parents you were dating (ALL homophobia aside)?

  • 11
    How sure are you of your sexuality?
  • 12
    All homophobia aside, what sexual orientation do you want to be?

Comments (94)


10 hours ago
i might be lesbian and i want to be. i have more of a preference for females and feel attracted to just females right now. i've felt multiple times before like i might be lesbian.
11 days ago
It says im lesbian. Im bi. but i do have a preference of girls so...
12 days ago
83% pan, 8% straight, 8% asexual.
Thank you for this quiz!
21 days ago
50% bi 42% pan? Pretty accurate idk if im bi or pan
22 days ago
100 percent lesbian huh
25 days ago
I got lesbian pan or bi this like the fifth one of these quizzes and they give me the exact same answer
26 days ago
i got pan and thats what i am feeling so awsome quiz
28 days ago
My result is lesbian, but i’m gynesexual, asexual and aromantic lol, but this is kinda helpful,
Thanks for making this quiz:D
30 days ago
I got 50% pansexual and 33% asexual/aromantic, which is kinda cool since im demisexual and panromantic-
33 days ago
50%,I am bisexual, I have been trying to figure out my sexuality for quite some time now, it is a little confusing i thought I was lesbian, but i am bi, but,...I am fine with being bisexual, 😊because like both genders, and I would say that is fairly accurate. #LGBTQ+Pride!!✨🌈
37 days ago
Some how I got 50% les and 8% straight but 0% bi? I also got 42% pan, I am not lesbian I am pansexual even thought I show no interest in the opposite 😘
41 days ago
I got aromantic asexual, and that’s correct
44 days ago
I am confused. I thought I was lesbian, but the test says I am bi, also, I think I am falling for both a boy and a girl at the same time? Plz help me...
44 days ago
Hi I’m Pansexual and I’m proud! So finally I got an answer from at least something. I like this quiz so I recommend this to all of you.
47 days ago
I’m 42% lesbian 17% bisexual 17% pansexual and another 17% of being aromantic and ace!
55 days ago
75% bisexual, 17% asexual, 8% lesbian, 0% pansexual and 0% straight. I’m happy with my answer. ( ^ω^ )
61 days ago
So, I’m 42% straight and 24% Pansexual. And then I’m 14% freaking bi!!!!
66 days ago
Idk I’m so confused all the test say I am bi OR lesbian ik I’m not straight but I need to learn my sexuality am I half lesbian and half bi?
67 days ago
I feel like some of the answers I put were wrong because honestly I don't want to date anyone really (I'm aegosexual which is on the spectrum of asexual). But I mean if I did eventually fall in love with someone, it would probably be with a girl? Idk. I'm kind of confused on whether I'm an aegosexual lesbian or lesbian who is kinda too young? I'm 14. Anyways I got:
67% ace/aro (I'm grayromantic aegosexual which are both on spectrums of aromantic and asexuality)
17% lesbian (I'm an aegosexual lesbian)
8% bisexual (I'm biromantic)
8% pansexual (huh?)
0% straight (makes sense)
70 days ago
58% pan
25% bi
8% straight
8% asexual/aromatic

how the heck did the quiz come up with that? I'm 100% sure I'm lesbian