Are you bisexual, bi-curious, lesbian, or straight (for girls only)

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Find your sexuality.

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    Do you like boys?

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701 days ago
im bi, I suspected that, cool
791 days ago
Umm chile anyways so
791 days ago
Oops. Now there's a sunflower but there used to be a "BaD WoRd". XD
I don't mind it tho. Sunflowers are my favorites ;)
791 days ago
R u serious? If a stranger kisses me I 🚔 RUN, NO MATTER WHAT GENDER. XD
805 days ago
I’m bisexual ^^
I was expecting that-
821 days ago
@ Misgolden/Sofia

My advice to you would be to after COVID try dating different genders and see how it feels. I know that seems like a long time to wait, but in the meantime, you can just sort of think about how you would feel in different sexual/romantic scenarios. You are who you are, and nobody can change that. You might even decide not to use a label at all, and that is totally fine.
908 days ago
So guys i think i may be bi but idk btw im using a nickname so you guys dont know but i am just asking what should i do should i become bi or not btw i am not even a teen soooo idk how to handle this?? (btw this is a reposted comment from my self on here lol)
908 days ago
So guys i think i may be bi but idk btw im using a nickname so you guys dont know but i am just asking what should i do should i become bi or not btw i am not even a teen soooo idk how to handle this??
985 days ago
Thanks fizglomph! I haven't really been able to see her because of coronavirus but I'll try to take your advice.
1015 days ago

you may not need this advice anymore, or u may never see it.

But still. I was bi, but then i realized i prefer girls, and guys suck.

But if u think she likes u, maybe get her to play truth or dare and ask her who her crush is. Maybe slip her a note. Maybe go right up and ask her.

good luck!!
1125 days ago
Okay, so I know I'm the maker of this quiz and everything, but I'm coming to you guys for advice right now.
So, as you may know, I'm bisexual.
I think I like this girl, and I think she might like me but I'm not sure and I don't know what to do and I know this is a crazy run on sentence but I don't care so pleaseeeee help meeeeeee!!!!!!

P.S. If you like this, I've written a fan fic series called Fish Out of Water (it's not finished). Please check it out!
1159 days ago
Sexually i like girls but romantically I like boys. What does that make me haha.
1173 days ago
When you are trying to figure out if you're bi or bi-curious and get 40% for both results :/
1186 days ago
100% lesbian and SOO proud. Kinda craving something now after some of those questions OwO
1186 days ago
100% lesbian and PROUDDD
1205 days ago
To I'm confused (72154), you don't need to be sexually attracted to both genders to be bisexual. You only need to be able to feel at least one attraction (sexually or romantically) to be bi. For example, I know I'm at least sexually attracted to girls, but I don't know if I'm attracted to them romantically (I think I am, I'm not sure yet), and I'm romantically attracted to boys but not necessarily sexually attracted to them (I do want kids, though). Anyways, I hope this helped!
1206 days ago
I came out saying l was bi to my crush not telling her l liked her! But now lm wondering if l am really bi? I’m attracted to girls in all ways! But l think boys are really cute too but l don’t feel like l could be sexual with a Boy. So lm very confused

I’m not super scared to come out to my parents but l want to understand myself and know what l am before l do it.
1206 days ago
your girl here is a lesbian! ... probably I’ve alway thought I was pan but now I realize that I’m most likely a lesbian! YAY awkwardness! I find everyone attractive but I only REALLY think about girls! And to anyone is in a similar/ same situation as me, it’s ok! It’s completely ok to be confused or even scared, you don’t have to find a sexuality right away. Your sexuality doesn’t define you!
With that said to all my LGBT + guys, gals, non-binary pals, I LOVE YOU 😘🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
1211 days ago
I noticed not many people on here comment, but I think that it would be nice if people could share their stories, make people know they aren't they only ones out there.
So if someone could share their story that would be awesome! But for now, I'll start.
I'm 11 years old and I think I might be bisexual. I'm definitely attracted to girls sexually, and I think romantically. I haven't come out yet and I don't know if I ever will (I just find the idea so scary), but I probably will. I mean, I want to date/marry a girl, don't I? If anyone wants to Skype, I'm Skye with a profile picture of Carmen Sandiego (girl in red coat and fedora).
1227 days ago
I am bi. That's true :D. Nice test.