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Sexuality Quiz- Women and Girls Only

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This is a sexuality quiz, to make it easier for you to realize what you like. If you are questioning your sexuality, then you should test yourself to see what you like. Remember this is just a quiz!

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    Who do you think you are attracted to?

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46 days ago
I literally have a crush on a girl how am i straight
108 days ago
How did I got straight- if there's one thing I know about my sexuality is that I aren't straight
189 days ago
I answered like every question with "all genders" and sth like that, and you wanna tell meh that I am straigt?
291 days ago
I got bi, idk how but I don't think this that accurate tbh...
299 days ago
i got pan and have gone with it for a while and have been so happy. with it and when i told my friend they were soooooo supotive so th all you 10 11 12 year olds this one is a good one and how ever you dicide to live, do it with pride
299 days ago
I got STR8!!! I am SO lesbian what the hell happened!?😡😡
334 days ago
Lemme tell what happened. So I answered most of the questions with women/girl (im bi but I have a crush on a girl) then it then it literally said: "You Are Straight
You are attracted, sexually and romantically to men and only men.
It's okay to be straight, just like it is to be gay!"
if in every quiz I do it says I'm bi/lesbian.
334 days ago
i literally answered only women for all the questions and it said i was straight
363 days ago
says im straight what answer did i give that made u think im straight im BI
379 days ago
I’m 💝 aromantic and it came out as pansexual. I knew this was inaccurate, but I didn’t think it was that inaccurate lmao
384 days ago
bruh im straight... STRAIGHT UP LESBIAN! Why it think I'm straight? This is super inaccurate, i'm... very.. very gay....
394 days ago
I answered this on purpose as lesbian as possible, and I got pan. When I entered normally, I got straight, even though I’m demiheteroromantic, homoromantic, and ace.
427 days ago
WHAY?! STRAIGHT?!! I put alot of answers for girls and got straight?!?!?!
501 days ago
510 days ago
@what yes same! I said I was sexually and romantically attracted to women I wouldn't give that boy my number and I like Hayley Kiyoko (I already forgot the rest of the questions)! So yeah! How?
522 days ago
@what im on ur side. i do NOT like me. and yet it said im pan?
539 days ago
This quiz is not very accurate, most of my answers pointed to me being sexually attracted to women and it said I’m 100% very straight only men
540 days ago
HELPit said i’m straight but rn i don’t know at first i thought i could be trans then i thought i could be lesbian then i thought i was bi then a hypnosis effect made be think i was bi then i started thinking of my crush who’s a man and i was straight then i started looking up pictures of women and they were hot and idk rn, i’m confused.