Are You Part of the Lesbian or Bisexual Community? - Virgin Edition

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This quiz is for people are just trying to figure out if they are straight or not. This quiz also focuses on women who do not have much dating experience, but anyone can feel free to take it.

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    Do you find yourself looking for TV shows and movies to watch that have characters that are part of the LGBTQ+ community?

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316 days ago
@Hello yeah it’s been about a year and half i think i’m gay i’ve been identifying as gay for about 13 months and idk how life will end up but for now it works 👍
623 days ago
@Anonymous girl, if you ever see this, i think you might be bisexual with a preference of girls
686 days ago
Am the best 🐬
Yehhhh hahhhah
729 days ago
812 days ago
PLEASE HELP OMG Look the issue here is that I want to identify as bisexual but I'm 85% attracted to girls and 15% attracted to boys and idk what to do bc all my friends say I'm lesbian and so did this test but it said i was lesbian but I don't want to be gay, not because im homophobic but because i dont like that label for myself because it feels masculine and I dont want to be lesbian bc again it feels too masculine like hey mama lesbians but i cant talk to anyone because my friends just say im gay and my parents im not out to and any other friend is weird because theyre straight and i tried this online therapy game with automated responses but it didnt work (duh) so 😘 do i do pls help im having a crisis I just want to identify as what im comfortable identifying as but thats not good enough for anyone
882 days ago
I'm wondering.
I've only has a sort-of crush on one person (agender) across the internet, and i tried to convince myself i'm straight.
I'm straight. Why would i be LGBT? Most people are straight.
But.. Whenever i imagine a relationship i could be in, i think cute (for me, at least) girl.
But... I had a crush on a boy. Nope straight nuh uh huh.
Do i want a kid? No. Am i ready to decide that though? Probably not!
My mom says it's too early to find out but it's just consuming me honestly. I've taken so many tests and gotten mostly bi (most of them didn't have pan but what matters is it's not straight) But i don't believe them. I don't really have anyone irl to talk to. Help.
924 days ago
Pink, hi, I’m the creator :) I am 15 and I am still questioning my sexuality. I one hundred percent understand where you are coming from. Even now, when I think about my future family, I picture a me and my husband. So all the advice I could give you is to take a few years before giving yourself a label or title and try to picture your future with a wife. Think about it and if the idea still feels weird or foreign in the future, you could will know that you could just not be lesbian. I am not trying to confuse you hahahah, but the fact that you are questioning tour sexuality at 12 years old shows that there is something there definitely. So yeah, overall, just take your time. There’s no rush to figure out who you are or label yourself. Good luck, love you guys!! Thanks.
928 days ago
pink, Like weeks ago i was thinking about my sexuality and i was like to myself "Shelley, Your lgbtq, deal with it." and i remembered all this fertility treatment that if i was lesbian (i didnt know my sexuality then) i could still become pregnant with lie a donor or something so dont worry about having kids, there is always a way.
931 days ago
Hi im sky im 12 Im wondering if I am bi or lesbian. I took the quiz is said lesbian. But I am worried that I dont know what I am because I want like a perfect family with kids and stuff like that but... I Catch My self look at some girls when there kissing so please help! I have some friends who are lesbian and they seem so happy. So please help me with some ideas of what I should do!😎😢🥺🥺🥺😊😊😂💕😂💋😃😃😃🥰🥰🥰💋😁😘😘😊💕😁😁💋💋😆😆😎😁💕😆😎😎😍😍 😎
936 days ago
Hi guyssss, I’m the creator. Just wanted to thank all of you for taking my quiz. I hope it is helping all of you guys out. I tried my best to make the questions as inclusive as possible for people who are a bit on the younger side. Thanks again!! ❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈
938 days ago
Bisexual!!! Yasssssss now what to tell the homophobic parents who will probably kick me out?
939 days ago
Third and fourth to comment baby yeah 😁
939 days ago
I got ‘You are not lesbian or bi at all either that or you haven’t been exposed to much queer
970 days ago
I got.. "You are most likely Lesbian. You know it too. That’s why you are taking this quiz because you are trying to make sure that what you already know is one hundred percent true."

Im hella gay
970 days ago
Im first ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨