Are you LGBTQ?

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Have you been questioning your sexuality? this is the test for you! but at the end of the day, It's your decision.

  • 1
    What Do you think you are?
  • 2
    How do you feel about kissing the same gender? do you feel uncomfortable, excited, or nervous?
  • 3
    Your friend comes out to you as gay and admits they like you. (they are attractive/cute, hot) what do you do?

  • 4
    Your drunk same-gender friend knocks on your door one night (they are attractive/cute/hot) and invites themselves inside. they look at you romantically.
  • 5
    Your brother says he wants to talk to you about something and sits you down. he speaks: "I think you are (gay, pan/bi+) and I wanted to know if you really are.
  • 6
    Someone the opposite gender than you (they are straight) slides into your DMs and starts getting steamy (they seem attractive/cute/hot to you)

  • 7
    Your girl best friend invites you to a pride parade
  • 8
    You overhear a group of *karens* ahem- people talking about homosexuals and how they are "disgusting" and generally being homphobes
  • 9
    Did you feel anything during the few steamy parts?
  • 10
    Last question: do you want to come out?

Comments (14)


3 days ago
omg im bisexual
71 days ago
Ok so my result was Pansexual which I'm ok with it but what was shocking because I got pan 3 rows and yes I did take this quiz 3 times.
82 days ago
Ohhhhh my gosh. I'e been questioning for SO DANG FRIKKIN LONG (it makes me question time itself) , and this quiz helped a lot. im pretty sure now that im pan or bi, im not entirely sure yet. (btw Katelyn ur awesome :3)
103 days ago
im straight but my results say im bi or pan
107 days ago
Oops sorry that was meant to say I think that I'm bi
107 days ago
I'm so confused I think that I'm no but also I think that I'm lesbian can someone pls help me. 🏳️‍🌈
111 days ago
Yup. Im gay, but im not out yet TwT

But anyways, just for the sake of it-

Hi! Im omnisexual and panromantic! And im question my gender, if you are homophobic or transphobic, then- @$#&$%@&#%!@&!!!!!
Have a good day-
116 days ago
the last comment has me dying LOL
125 days ago
im confused cuz i always take tests like this to see if i get different answers ut they always say bi i have had a girlfriend and boyfriend but i dont know what i am all i know is that im deppressed
131 days ago
naomi is right with the gay thing.....
134 days ago
igot bi/pan but im not even that sure
138 days ago
Oh and in response to "I want to be a guy.", girls can identify as gay as it is an umbrella term. The same way that some nonbinary folk call themselves transgender but the majority of transgender people don't call themselves nonbinary as they are not the same thing.
138 days ago
Perhaps it would have been helpful to ask what their gender is at the start? It just seems a bit all over the place, that's all. You were right with my result though, I am pan!
150 days ago
Hi...errr...girls cant be gay, if they are then they are lesbian. Sorry for correcting, but thats my result...and except that it was a very good quiz.