What is my sexuality? (for girls, sorry)

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I created this quiz as I was struggling with my own sexuality for ages. I had to make it for girls only as I need to say what the options mean and liking girls means something different for girls that it does for boys
I might make a 2nd one for boys and a 3rd for all other genders!

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    What do you think your sexuality/gender identity is?

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17 days ago
Eyyy 💖💜💙 😎😎😎
17 days ago
Hai me is Lily.me is female.me like me best friend!me 4 years old. But me talk too much. Me best friend is the same age as me.me got Lesbian!!!! But momma be mad if she know me lesbian.I pway roblox and minecraft!Me don't spell good tho.bye me got to go.luve chu all!
19 days ago
Ok I’m sorry for bothering y’all I did some research and I think I’m sexually fluid bye now sorry for taking up the comments 😔
19 days ago
Love y’all ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
19 days ago
I took this quiz based on the last like two weeks and I got bi. I then took it based on the rest of my 13 1/2 years and got straight. Which is exactly what I expected. What is happening I felt completely straight and then suddenly I’m attracted to girls just like that what happened help
26 days ago
@I think I'm gay

Just accept who you are! As long as you accept yourself (and your sweet someone) and believe that you're amazing you can forget all your worrying/confusing questions!
26 days ago
It said I was lesbian. It was right,and it sorta helped me cause I was wondering if I was asexual or lesbian
40 days ago
It said I’m pan/bi. Actually that’s true
44 days ago
On all of these I'm half lesbian half bi so thats what i thought biromantic homosexual
54 days ago
It says I am a Pansexual...😅
62 days ago
im in love with marisa yeh yeh yeh
70 days ago
Ms Anonymous under me in the comments..... I understand. I like one of my bi friends and haven’t rlly come out yet and my parents are homophobic. I wanna tell her but everyone thinks I’m straight. Just follow ur heart ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
72 days ago
So I took this test because I’ve been questioning my sexuality... I am a 13 year old female, and for a couple years I identified as bisexual. Now, however, I’ve started to be attracted to girls more than boys. I do not know if I am lesbian or bisexual. Another reason I think I may be lesbian is because I get disturbed at the sight of a 💋. I don’t know if this is normal because of my age, but the first time I saw one was when my mom gave me “The Talk” and she showed me a picture of one. However, I am dating someone who is non-binary, but their💋is female. I would be kind of scared to find out that I am lesbian, because I am only out to my household (my mom’s household). My dad is homophobic, and I know this because he has used the word gay as an insult and has mocked non-binary people, but I don’t know if he will react as badly to me coming out as he would if I was a boy (he’s THAT type of person), and my grandmother on my dad’s side is homophobic and says it’s a sin. I do find men attractive still, which is why I think I may be biromantic homosexual (that’s what I would label myself as of right now). I’m not comfortable with talking about it with my mom because I don’t really wanna tell her I’ve seen a 💋 multiple times (not in person, on the internet). Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!
74 days ago
76 days ago
So i took the test and i took a lot of other tests and im pretty sure im a lesbian. Anyone got any advice for me?
76 days ago
i already know that that im straight
78 days ago
This quiz was great, helped me out so much.
84 days ago
I like the quiz Kat
Great quiz!
84 days ago
Yes trainers are tennis shoes
Sorry that it was inaccuracies
85 days ago
Are trainers tennis shoes?
Sorry and good quiz! I got non binary