What is your sexuality? ( For girls ) PART 2

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This is part 2 of my sexuality quiz! Take this if your results in part 1 told you to come here. I’m queer so you’re in good hands:)

  • 1
    Which genders would you date?
  • 2
    Does gender play a role in your attraction?
  • 3
    Would you date a girl? Would you date a boy? Would you date a non-binary person?

  • 4
    Does the label bisexual fit?
  • 5
    Does the label pansexual fit?
  • 6
    Does the label Omnisexual fit?

  • 7
    Scenario: you are in a cafe when you hear someone sexily whisper in your ear, “hey, sexy. I think you should know that I have a huge crush on you.” You turn around, hoping their gender is...
  • 8
    Scenario: three people ask you out to the school dance. One is male, one is female, and one is non-binary. Who do you say yes to?
  • 9
    Why are you at this quiz?
  • 10
    In your heart of hearts, which of these do you think you might be?

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618 days ago
No, because pan people don't have preferences for the genders of people they date, and omni people do :)
627 days ago
Can I be pan and omni?
680 days ago
I’m glad that my quiz was accurate for you and I'm glad that your sexuality was represented here! Omnisexuality is beautiful and needs more recognition :)
687 days ago
I already knew, but thank you so much for putting omnisexuality in here, you're the only person I've found so far who did 💕
687 days ago
I'm OmNiSeXuAl

714 days ago
@I dont want to say
I can help!! The thing is, pan is under the bi umbrella. So you can technically be both! Pan might just be a more specific label. Of course, the quiz is not totally accurate by any means. If you feel like you’re attracted to people REGARDLESS of gender and gender does not play a role in your attraction, then you’re probably pan :)
717 days ago
this is the first time I got pans and I thought I was bi now I'm confused.
728 days ago
@Evana, thanks for the feedback on my quiz :)
731 days ago
I got bi as result. I took a lot of quizzes, and I always got the result bi. Nice quiz! It was kinda hard to understand some of the questions, but still I’m happy that you made this quiz :)
735 days ago
*doesn't take quiz...just scrolling through comments*
737 days ago
Pls no more negativity in the comments for now❤️
738 days ago
this quiz was too hard and boring
738 days ago
I’m sorry that you didn't like it. I tried to make it as accurate as possible so that’s why some of the questions might be hard. Good luck figuring out your sexuality :)
738 days ago
the quiz was too hard