Gay, Bisexual or Straight? Quiz - Males only ⚜️

This test is intended for males ages 13 to 17 - the age range when many wonder: "Am I gay or straight, or maybe bisexual?" If you're one of these guys, get a better idea by taking this quiz. Remember: No matter what your result is or whether you're happy with it or not, you're great. No quiz result will ever change that!

  • 1/12
    So you came to this test to see if you're gay, bisexual or straight. To get the most accurate result, you must be completely honest.

    First question: What do YOU think you are?

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10 days ago
im gay proud to be gay
13 days ago
I’m in my sixties now and have had a few experiences with guys and have loved them . I just feel so much more relaxed and myself being intimate with a guy . Just wish I had tried it years ago .
29 days ago
i got gay I'm bi then I just took this for fun I recently decided I was bi and wanted to say what this test would say
30 days ago
i got gay so yeah my entire life makes sense now
30 days ago
um as a closeted gay and closeted trans guy this test made me uncomfortable. i have not come out yet or had any srs so until then i cant imagine doing anything until i have surgery
54 days ago
I like 🦄. I don't lik straight 🦄 But my romantic feelings are only for girls.
62 days ago
It said straight, but I still think I might be gay.
116 days ago
I'm gay and I'm proud
209 days ago
I'm only attracted to guys sexually not romantically.
I like girls both sexually and romantically.
Guess I'm Bi.
220 days ago
I can't run an unobfoscated xss attack so I won't even try
220 days ago
231 days ago
Well I had to go to the beginning to post this but I'm bisexual I knew that but I needed to pass the time
246 days ago
geuss im bi
i think i knew deep down but this all but confirmed it
277 days ago
325 days ago
Got 50% gay but I'm (mostly straight) bisexual tf..
348 days ago
I am definitely bisexual and I am proud of it.
351 days ago
Told me I’m gay but I’m bi
422 days ago
Yep, straight. Pretty much knew it already, just bored and passing time.
531 days ago
this test asumes you are a bisexual man who definetely knows he's attracted to women and is discovering his attraction to men just now. well im the opposite, I LOVE MEN but idk if im into women or not. this test fails at that
539 days ago
I guess I’m bi I guess I knew that deep downvoted but this just confirms it