Am I Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or Just Bi-Curious?

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Are you confused about your sexuality and want to understand it better? Do you have doubts about your orientation and believe it has changed since you were born? I am 17 and considered myself straight up until age 13. I now consider myself bi-curious, meaning I'm still straight, but would like to experiment. I hope my experiences helped make this quiz one that will help you.

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    Which sex do you suspect yourself of being from a physical standpoint? (Physical attractiveness, body, etc.)
    Which sex do you suspect yourself of being from a physical standpoint? (Physical attractiveness, body, etc.)

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14 days ago
ok first I'm not gay, I answered mostly straight and this is a weird quiz. I know it's wrong bc I like/love men. I'm kinda bi curious ig. Tho I don't want to date a girl. I only date guys and see myself marrying one. I'm sexual attracted to girls.
15 days ago
I answered almost completely with attraction to men but it said I was... gay? Which doesn’t make sense. Is it like.. assuming I’m a guy???
29 days ago
lol ik im gay but im still taking this test
38 days ago
Honestly I’m still confused if I’m BI or straight 🤔
51 days ago
Yeah I can't even take this quiz I'm sorry. I just am trying to figure out whether I'm bi-romantic or heteroflexible or bi-curious. Maybe this quiz was made for guys and not girls which may be the problem... Also they don't leave an option for aces so... Yea, time to make another quiz
62 days ago
67% Bisexual
33% Bi-curious
Wow guess I am bi
63 days ago
I think I’m bisexual. I keep doubting myself though. Any advice?
84 days ago
This quiz is ig odd is the right word for it. The questions don’t give you enough choices like there is no “I like men a little more then women” option Or “I like women a little more then men” which is very important when trying to figure out sexuality. I’m about 90% sure I’m heteroflexible cause I’m both romanticly and sexually attracted to men but only romantically for this one girl. This is the first I have ever felt it so it could change. And it’s not always a phase. It could be tho
85 days ago
Bruh this kinda said I was male and I was Gay but no- yes I'm below 16
114 days ago
I love these quizzes keep them up dont listen to the people that dont like it they didnt do the work so they could have a quiz keep going 🙂
118 days ago
i got 0% bisexual,although i think i am bisexual.well i got 75 % bi curios and i think its true`cause im into girls but have feelings for boys...ok im totally confused,but hey im proud for who i am..
136 days ago
i got bisexual so am happy with that
166 days ago
I got gay, That's definitely wrong

My thoughts right now because of my results: 👎🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🙄🙏🏽🤢😑
169 days ago
Same here Answer! 😂
175 days ago
206 days ago
I got 50% bi-curious, 25% bisexual, 25% homosexual and 0% heterosexual... OK, first of all, I'm 100% NOT homosexual. I'm either bisexual or bi-curious or heterosexual. Second, you don't have to like boys and girls 50/50 to be bisexual. Bisexuality isn't just a mix of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Even if you like one gender 90% and the other 10% ,you're still bisexual. Third, I didn't even know the term bi-curious existed before I did this quiz but I guess it kind of fits me... And I think it excludes me being straight. So I guess I'm bisexual or bi-curious...
206 days ago
Heres the thing about this test- It's very vague... if you didn't guess from my name already, I identify as heteroflexible, but I took this test just for fun. First of all, I don't like the term "Bi-Curious". Although others may think it fits them, I don't like the term because it make me feel like people are right when they say that I'm just doing it for attention because I won't go all the way Bi, and although that isn't what it means, its just how I feel. (I don't mean to offend anyone who identifies as Bi-Curious). Secondly, I know that I am only romantically attracted to females, but not sexually, while I am attracted both romantically and sexually to males, and this was not an option. And third, please, for anyone whos about to comment that they are "scared they are gay" or "Worried that they aren't straight" Please, please, PLEASE remember that sometimes you have to accept who you are, whether you like it or not, especially when it comes to romantic feelings. You can object all you want, but it won't change anything, so instead, be proud of yourself and embrace what makes you you!
236 days ago
I am so confused right now. I was 😍 straight three weeks ago, but now I have a mild crush on my friend, I have butterfly feelings for boys who are kinda cute, I have a insta crush on this girl, and I feel like a mix of Heterosexual&Hetero Flexible&Bisexual. So I am Prob Hetero Flexible. But ever since Stay home orders were inforced where I live, my gender and sexuality have been like "aNd I oOp" so one day I want a binder, and the next I want to kiss a girl then two minutes after that, I want to text my BFF and be like "want to go to homecoming with me?" even thoug its like 6 months away. ;////
238 days ago
I'm a male and I'm really scared that I might be a little but homosexual and tbh I'm a bit homophobic and the fact that I'm hetero flexible is horrible
249 days ago
Who else took this quiz even tho they know how they identify#bisexual