Am I Gay Or Bisexual? Quiz

You think you might not be straight, exactly - but you're not sure whether you're actually gay or bi. If that's been weighing on your mind, find out the answer here. This is a really normal and common thing to think about, so please don't judge or criticize yourself.

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    Which sexual orientation would you say you've learned toward most the past three to five years?

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23 days ago
I am a trans guy who identifys as bisexual and I got gay (despite having a desire for sexual experiences with women, just not into them romantically) like the test says, don't take it really seriouly. I took one the other day and it said I was 100% straight. Both me and my boyfriend found this hilarious.
30 days ago
I identify as bisexual but my result is straight! Have never been in a relationship with a guy, and don't plan to be.
83 days ago
am a grapefruit, cucumbers welcomed 🤗🤗🥵
226 days ago
Im a guy got gay I find girls attractive but im attracted to guy's with my fantasies guess this quiz is correct with being gay
293 days ago
I agree with this quiz! Ok
297 days ago
I'M BI!!!, I took this test to be sure what I was and now that I fully know I can live it 2 the fullest. I hope y'all are proud of ur pride and never feel ashamed of it love all y'all have a great day/night 😘😊
340 days ago
I feel the same. (@nicetest)
346 days ago
I like this one quiz
~*Barack Obama*~
403 days ago
Just want to have a gpod time with a black man.
467 days ago
again at this point i flat out know I'm bi.
only one test has even said otherwise and that was years ago.

and also side note all the test people you should add disqus to this site so we can reply to other people with questions.
500 days ago
Mmm i just got disappointed, i thought i could be bi but i just ended up confirming that i'm gay by this quiz, well i just believe that i could be bi because i have many sexual fantasies about women and enjoy them.
571 days ago
You seem like a bisexual with a preference for girls. However, only you can know who you truly are. You can tell whoever you want whenever you want. It’s you’re life. You’re parents are just worried about you getting bullied or teased. You can’t change who you are so embrace it. Don’t forget that it’s okay to be confused. You don’t have to be 100% sure. Just keep taking it day by day. Good luck!
596 days ago
I recently came out to my parents, but idk if I'm gay or bi. I don't think that they understand tho cuz they're immigrants and they never learned about it in school or at home. They r tellin me to wait til I'm older to tell ppl. But I'm ready to tell ppl now. Cuz I like the thought of having a family with a girl OR a guy. But mainly girls. I haven't really found any guys that attractive so far yet. (Except for the character Loki in Marvel.) lol. But idk. Happy Pride!!!!!!!!! :) :D
597 days ago
Okay so here is the story:
I’m a girl. A bunch of friends came out to me and I got interested in my sexuality. I thought I was pan and I came out too early. I then identified with the label queer and my parents found out. I wasn’t ready. I then identified with the label bisexual a few months later and came out to my extended family. It’s been a few days and I’m so confused. I’m starting to find girls attractive and I haven’t seen a guy who’s attractive to me in a long time. I’m starting to wonder if there aren’t any guys out there for me. Maybe it’s just girls? If you are reading this and you have any idea who I might be or what all this means, please reply. Happy pride month!
681 days ago
Ummm I think the quiz thinks I'm a boy for some reson it called me sir many times I'm so confused I got straight and it said that I'm all for the girls but I'm not a boy I'm a girl so does that mean I'm gay?
687 days ago
is there sexuality for only liking girls and nonbinary's, or am I just weird?
718 days ago
apparently asexuals dont exist anymore? why are so many of these about sexual attraction? 😟
736 days ago
Apparently i’m straight but then i realized it’s a quiz for men lol
742 days ago
bi and trans boy btw i'm 11 not to young to be trans so bi for now
760 days ago
queer (basically the same as bisexual in my case) and proud!!!