Are you homoromantic, heteromantic or biromantic?

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This is a romantic attraction test for boys who want help on how to identify themselves in public. Who you are romantically attracted to is who you desire to be romantically involved with, so the result at the end of the test will tell you who you are romantically attracted to: men, women, or both.
Answer truthfully.

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    To begin, are you accepting of men of all genders? Pick an option.

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38 days ago
Funny that one question about having crushes on the other kids in school..! I literally had a crush on any person
107 days ago
sooo i took the test not realising it was for males and yeah :/ LMAO
171 days ago
well, it said I'm biromantic
418 days ago
ohh I can change the colour! hey guys look at me, I'm Karkat
418 days ago
To all the wEman saying why there isn't any options regarding to you being a girl, he title of this quizz says it's for boys, so that's that.
Also, where's the option for " Look I never really had crushed at school cuz I was always the kid that no one liked (romantically), I grew up with Autism and only got diagnosed with it more recently so everyone thought I was weird and never really saw me as a romantic option. Also the girls in my class ( with all the respect they are all great people) all liked the same 3 dudes and non of the dudes in my class where interested in males. Therefore I'm a mess at relationships and never got to really experiment and not being able to figure myself out. Therefore I'm taking this quizz." Seriously that would have made this quizz way better! Anyways cool quizz over all.
437 days ago
I'm homoromantic, but I'm sexually attracted to both genders, so that makes me homoromantic bisexual. I'm happy with that, I just hope I can accept myself more now.
445 days ago
*Crys in woman that likes girls romanticly but got hetero romantic*
445 days ago
Where’s the “homoromantic, only romantically attracted to women” and “ Heteroromantic, only romantically attracted to men”
489 days ago
98 girl 2 boy and I am female....🌻 okay
515 days ago
I actually took this test to see if it was accurate. It determined me as 50% biromantic and 50% heteromantic. Since the biromantic answers come primarily from me saying that that's what I think, then the actual result I got is heteromantic. This is not true. I am biromantic. I prefer girls, but I am actually biromantic. So sorry, but your test is inaccurate.
571 days ago
I'm very straight %90 sorry guys :(
641 days ago
i'm a girl by the way
641 days ago
i new i was bi i just had to make sure of it and if you live in Idaho and go to sms hit me up plz
I'M A SINGLE PRINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
697 days ago
i’ve always thought myself as homorom, but now i’ve got a crush (?!) on a boy and i don’t even know anymore. i think i’m birom but literally everyone but my family believes i’m just lesbian and i don’t want to annoy or let down people by just suddenly saying it all over again. my idea is to just tell my close friends, but i feel like they’re going to judge me, or think it’s just a phase... i suppose some of them are those sort of people. i wish i could just go back to when everything was simpler.
700 days ago
I got 70% biromantic I guess it's pretty accurate (:
726 days ago
I'm pretty sure basically everyone takes these for fun, cuz this isn't a great way to figure yourself out ;)
765 days ago
Who here just takes these quizzes four fun
886 days ago
I’m a trans boy and I kinda already guessed that I’m homo-ace. And I got 70% homoromo.
985 days ago
I’m so glad the internet exists lmao I’m 13 and I already been through thinking I’m straight, asexual and finding out about bisexuality because I found out Asexuality is only for the opposite gender. yAY
1020 days ago
I got 50% bi but whats the other 50%???? Probably het (but i'm a girl so it'd be homo)