Am I A Crossdresser? Test

Are you a cross dresser/drag queen? Well, you probably already know if you actually are, but why not take this test for fun anyway? (Maybe if you're not one, you'll find out if you might become one someday...hmmm.) At the end of the day, it's never a bad thing to know yourself better, or just to have a few minutes of fun taking a quiz that's not the same old thing!

  • 1
    Have you ever cross dressed?
    Have you ever cross dressed?
  • 2
    If you awoke one morning wearing this...

    ...what would you do?
    If you awoke one morning wearing this... ...what would you do?
  • 3
    If your girlfriend asked you to go get a pedicure with her, would you?

  • 4
    You have just gotten a pedicure like your gf asked. Now, she asks you to shave your body and get your makeup done. Would you?
  • 5
    Now your gf asks you to get completely get your makeup done, to shave, to wear a wig, to get breast forms, to put on a party dress and to go clubbing with her. Would you?
  • 6
    You see an advert for dresses. Some women are modelling them. Your very first reaction is...

  • 7
    You know how to do makeup.
  • 8
    Did you like this quiz?
  • 9
    Do you think you're a cross dresser?
  • 10
    Would you rather be able to become a girl when you want to, or to be able to cross dress as one flawlessly?

Comments (102)


34 days ago
Am an Older Crossdresser and enjoy every minute of it. I am giving serious thought to being a lady 24/7 as am older and like Dressing. While being with another Dresser or TV really is enjoyable. Being in Nylons, Heels, Wig of choice and having a chest wearing Tight Sweaters or Sheer Blouses and Tight Skirts or Tight Jeans with Shaded Nylons and Heels is Heavenly.
73 days ago
Hello I'm Vanessa. My girlfriend would crossdress me. She made me beautiful she loved watching me🍦and fuk different men at all times. It was amazing. I loved it. Crossdressing is a very beautiful pink thing to do. Making out with different men was something really hot. I enjoyed kissing other men's body. So hot. Tasting each other's tongue was the best.
73 days ago
Vannessa here again anyway I'm so ready to be ur woman. I'm here ready to be urs.
73 days ago
Hi I'm Vanessa and it's so good to be a crossdresser woman. Every feminine is amazing don't stop. I'm a very pasable feminine crossdresser. And it's so good to know people want u. I've always looked really hot desirable. One night I had a date. I dressed beautiful for him I was nervous alittle. We kissed each other. He touched my body it felt so good. I was so amazed. It was very good. I was sulking his dik wen she caught me. She loved watching me🌻dik. I did it so good. Vannessa was a beautiful woman. I loved every part of her. Being a woman is a big beautiful part of ur life. I enjoy being feminine always. I'm ready for a🌻change. So I am ready for my beautiful woman 🌻 and my ddd breasts. I'm ready to be somebody's woman. Crossdressing is so much fun.
74 days ago
Love to cross dress, am just a regular guy that loves feminine shapewear. I own all-in-ones, girdles, longline bra's, stockings and slips. They feel great and make me look good. Don't want to be a girl but love the undergarments.
87 days ago
I enjoyed doing the test and loved the results, I am a crossdresser and enjoy the life style, i have several boy friends that appreciate my special talents
95 days ago
I love dressing up in feminine clothing pantyhose heels make-up wigs panties thongs and sexy dresses and lingerie and heels
96 days ago
Love being a sexy girl
110 days ago
I'm glad to live the best of both worlds
141 days ago
Love dressing for my boyfirend and going out
Love Dana
141 days ago
Love being a girl
152 days ago
164 days ago
love to meet up with a crossdresser in hertford shire
204 days ago
I love cross dressing I've been doing it sense 2011 and I enjoy every minute of it I own a lot of dresses and mini skirts
230 days ago
I love crossdressing, I love dating other crossdressors holding hands and kissing in public. Wearing mini shorts and pushing the limit,
I love dressing up with other crossdressers and then go out in public it feels great
Hugs and kisses to all crossdressors🫦❤️ Love Damon Rose 🥀
237 days ago
I knew I was a crossdresser because I own more lingerie than my girlfriend and some of it is very girly....she doesn't know tho...xx
276 days ago
I am so glad I confirmed I am a cross dresser. I love being Stephanie and wish I could be her more. I love trying out new clothes and practicing my walking. I am now experimenting with hip and butt pads. It is so exciting.
290 days ago
Of course I am a crossdresser, but I also love men
291 days ago
Yes love. Cross dressing.
294 days ago
YESSS I'M A CROSS DRESSER!!!! I always knew I was I love my bras skirts panties and dresses I hope you love your's as well😘🥰