Are You A Cross Dresser?

Are you a cross dresser/drag queen? Well, you probably already know if you actually are, but why not take this test for fun anyway? (Maybe if you're not one, you'll find out if you might become one someday...hmmm.) At the end of the day, it's never a bad thing to know yourself better, or just to have a few minutes of fun taking a quiz that's not the same old thing!

  • 1
    Have you ever cross dressed?
    Have you ever cross dressed?
  • 2
    If you awoke one morning wearing this...

    ...what would you do?
    If you awoke one morning wearing this... ...what would you do?
  • 3
    If your girlfriend asked you to go get a pedicure with her, would you?

  • 4
    You have just gotten a pedicure like your gf asked. Now, she asks you to shave your body and get your makeup done. Would you?
  • 5
    Now your gf asks you to get completely get your makeup done, to shave, to wear a wig, to get breast forms, to put on a party dress and to go clubbing with her. Would you?
  • 6
    You see an advert for dresses. Some women are modelling them. Your very first reaction is...

  • 7
    You know how to do makeup.
  • 8
    Did you like this quiz?
  • 9
    Do you think you're a cross dresser?
  • 10
    Would you rather be able to become a girl when you want to, or to be able to cross dress as one flawlessly?

Comments (67)


68 days ago
hi everbody i have crossdresser from the age of 10.used to wear my mums panties and stocking the feel was i got older i bought my own underwear again the feel and desire to wear those loverly panties and bra and stockings was amazing.I am now an adult 74 yo.i dress completely and i am so turned on to see my self in the mirror.The enjoyment i get when dressed and with my crossdressing friends is fabulous.Ihave been out in public awesome and to a night club even better.
92 days ago
I have been cross-dressing a very young age never out in public the later in life I don't do that it is very much part of my life at this point I dress everyday for at least six hours a day I wish I had somebody I could shirt I was and ideas and talk to maybe if I work at it hard enough I go to a salon to have my hair done which is fabulous
94 days ago
I have been a crossdresser for as long as I can remember. It started with a passion for the dresses and heels in Mom's closet. I learned early in life to keep it to myself and it is a part of me that I was once very afraid of but have grown to love over time. Lately I have been expanding my wardrobe and developing my makeup skills, hoping to get the look as convincing as possible. I love dresses but am moving more toward everyday wear. It's more of a fun challenge to try to look right in a snug pair of jeans and pull that waistline in. Women's jeans tend to be stretchy and very comfortable and you are more likely to blend in and not get noticed. My ultimate objective is to get my look to the point where I can pass in public. Cherchez la femme, she's a part of you and part of what makes us who we are!
100 days ago
Have been crossdressing for years. Stockings, garters, bra, short skirt, lipstick, so arousing! Wish this test had a few more questions such as what a person finds exciting about crossdressing.
101 days ago
I love cross dressing. I do it every day
119 days ago
Aw, i love crossdressing.. i have worn my mom's bras and panties... and i have also tried my female friend's dresses
121 days ago
At 17, a friend and i were together. Hé put on a bra and stockings. This i found incredibly exiting. I mastrubated him. From that time i have been a crossdresser. Now i am much older, but crossdreeing is part of me.
124 days ago
I started wearing my wife‘s panties, bra, and earrings. Then one of her dresses. This was for me very exciting, if forbidden. Even now, years later, the desire is intense, but accompanied with feelings of guilt! However, i‘ve now accepted that this is me! So, enjoy, dear!
124 days ago
Have crossdressed for years, love stockings and straps, bra lipstick, short skirt. Find this very arousing! However, very difficult to share this with others-which i‘m doing now.
162 days ago
well that is so good.
162 days ago
Interesting. Had good possibilities and plenty of women's clothing in a used clothing store once.
165 days ago
I started wearing women silk underwater when I was a teenager an met a close friend who took me to a club an was dressed up really cute an I was held an cuddled by a bunch of trans an danced the night away. BUT what I remember most was they told me I was beautiful an. Was kissed all the people at the bar.
275 days ago
I'm so happy! to finally know! I'm a drag queen /cross dresser and I'm not actually trans! i just dont know about my sexuality as i only get aroused by this weird fetish that i wont accpt ._.(but frankly i dont care) i highly suggest taking it (better than the others
282 days ago
Says I am a cross dresser. I was 8 when I wore my moms heels the first time. I wear heels occasionally now and thongs. Want to meet others that are closer to me
308 days ago
first time i was about 8 years old still love doing it in my 50s
341 days ago
I remember been 5 0r 6 and trying on my mothers knickers nd pantyhose for the first time.i got caught and stopped for 2 years the urge to dress got stronger .when i was 8 i crossdress in a bra knickers pantyhose a dress and remember looking in the mirror and i felt so excited and in my 30s now married .i stopped crossdressing in my 20s.but the urge was just to much.i av a collection of bras knickers pantyhose and skirts and dresses and a few wigs.i love to dress fully when i can .i feel so feminine when fully dressed feels great
344 days ago
I tried on my first pair of panties when I was 5 I have always felt more comfortable wearing shopping and looking at womens clothes. Fun quiz to take but nothing I didn;t already know :)
348 days ago
I started wearing my moms panties and bras when I was 11. Stopped for a while but as a teen I wore her panties every day. Forward to a mid 50s man I wear panties every day under my work clothes. In the winter I will even wear a bra and small breast forms. My wife of 33 years has no idea. I would love to live 24/7 in female clothing and be a woman.
353 days ago
I've been wearing dresses since i was about 12 and still love it t this day. I have not come out and don't believe I will ever be able to in my current form. I would love to, believe me. I would like to meet/have an understanding woman to help me and show me how to apply my make-up and express myself i a proper feminine manner.. I get by, but with help I could be better and then maybe have the confidence to come out. I would be the most happy cross-dresser in the world. That would be my ultimate dream come true.
371 days ago
I am a crossdresser since age 11 love wearing panty girdles long line bra and pantyhose