Are You A Cross Dresser?

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Are you a cross dresser/drag queen? Well, you probably already know if you actually are, but why not take this test for fun anyway? (Maybe if you're not one, you'll find out if you might become one someday...hmmm.) At the end of the day, it's never a bad thing to know yourself better, or just to have a few minutes of fun taking a quiz that's not the same old thing!

  • 1
    Have you ever cross dressed?
    Have you ever cross dressed?
  • 2
    If you awoke one morning wearing this...

    ...what would you do?
    If you awoke one morning wearing this... ...what would you do?
  • 3
    If your girlfriend asked you to go get a pedicure with her, would you?

  • 4
    You have just gotten a pedicure like your gf asked. Now, she asks you to shave your body and get your makeup done. Would you?
  • 5
    Now your gf asks you to get completely get your makeup done, to shave, to wear a wig, to get breast forms, to put on a party dress and to go clubbing with her. Would you?
  • 6
    You see an advert for dresses. Some women are modelling them. Your very first reaction is...

  • 7
    You know how to do makeup.
  • 8
    Did you like this quiz?
  • 9
    Do you think you're a cross dresser?
  • 10
    Would you rather be able to become a girl when you want to, or to be able to cross dress as one flawlessly?

Comments (55)


12 days ago
I'm so happy! to finally know! I'm a drag queen /cross dresser and I'm not actually trans! i just dont know about my sexuality as i only get aroused by this weird fetish that i wont accpt ._.(but frankly i dont care) i highly suggest taking it (better than the others
20 days ago
Says I am a cross dresser. I was 8 when I wore my moms heels the first time. I wear heels occasionally now and thongs. Want to meet others that are closer to me
45 days ago
first time i was about 8 years old still love doing it in my 50s
79 days ago
I remember been 5 0r 6 and trying on my mothers knickers nd pantyhose for the first time.i got caught and stopped for 2 years the urge to dress got stronger .when i was 8 i crossdress in a bra knickers pantyhose a dress and remember looking in the mirror and i felt so excited and in my 30s now married .i stopped crossdressing in my 20s.but the urge was just to much.i av a collection of bras knickers pantyhose and skirts and dresses and a few wigs.i love to dress fully when i can .i feel so feminine when fully dressed feels great
81 days ago
I tried on my first pair of panties when I was 5 I have always felt more comfortable wearing shopping and looking at womens clothes. Fun quiz to take but nothing I didn;t already know :)
86 days ago
I started wearing my moms panties and bras when I was 11. Stopped for a while but as a teen I wore her panties every day. Forward to a mid 50s man I wear panties every day under my work clothes. In the winter I will even wear a bra and small breast forms. My wife of 33 years has no idea. I would love to live 24/7 in female clothing and be a woman.
91 days ago
I've been wearing dresses since i was about 12 and still love it t this day. I have not come out and don't believe I will ever be able to in my current form. I would love to, believe me. I would like to meet/have an understanding woman to help me and show me how to apply my make-up and express myself i a proper feminine manner.. I get by, but with help I could be better and then maybe have the confidence to come out. I would be the most happy cross-dresser in the world. That would be my ultimate dream come true.
108 days ago
I am a crossdresser since age 11 love wearing panty girdles long line bra and pantyhose
114 days ago
I started like most, with pantyhose from my mothers drawer. I loved wearing them and at one point had 8 of my own when I was about 12. It all stopped until my twenties. I met a girl that reacted 🐤 when I showed her I had a pair on. We got married and I was wearing them every day, sometime two at a time. About 10 years later I she let me wear a pair of her panties. Shortly after she asked if I wanted a dress. She bought me two pink skirts (loveed them) and a black dress. My panty collection and panyhose grew substantially. At one point I had over 300 pair of pantyhose. This led to some arguments and the typical purge. A year later the collection grew and acceptance from her and moderation by me led to daily cross dressing under my work clothes. During covid I worked from home and cross dressed everyday. This led to perfume, jewelry and make up. I now have 40 panties 15 dresses, skirts, 7 high heels etc and couldn't be happier.
202 days ago
I started cross dressing at the age of 12, going to school wearing my little pony knickers and bra under my uniform. Then 20 started living in my own home fully dressed in private. Love feeling like a girl.
208 days ago
I neednt of bothered takeing the test i know im all ready a crossdresser.i first stated crossdressing with my mas pantyhose thats first thing i remember putting on age 5 or 6 then a knickers and finally a bra when i looked in the mirror i felt so girly .im 36 and i still love feeling all girly and feminine
214 days ago
I love your test but it is not telling me anything that I didn't already know
222 days ago
Omg I would love to fully dress and be the fem gurl I want to be. I love panties and want to be a gurl so much. I am too old now to change.
222 days ago
i love to crossdress makes me like a girly girl
226 days ago
He clearly likes it!
267 days ago
Away saying you're in being a crossdresser love to wear some panties and remember
267 days ago
I'm taking the quiz about being a cc always enjoyed seeing movies and fantasize about beat feminized final girl
267 days ago
All right now I have the time to get me a new outfit and LINGERIE for me
329 days ago
You are a crossdresser and you know it you needn't have bothered taking the test.

This is the correct result for me as am a life long Tranvestite.
339 days ago
90% crossdresser, sounds just right