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Sexuality Test: Boys 10 to 16

This is a sexuality test meant for boys. If you really want to find out your sexuality - which you must if you're checking out quizzes like this - think deep inside yourself. You probably know the answer already. For the simply curious, go right ahead and try out my test!

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    Which of these do you think you are?
    Which of these do you think you are?

Comments (63)


158 days ago
67% Straight
37% Bi
0% Gay
37% Bi be like Jesus 💗 Christ, being myself changed unless I don't even use that (Don't tell me it's ok to use it cuz I know it is, just being myself got more confusing.)
241 days ago
50% straight
25% bi
8% homosexual
246 days ago
I am 100% gay and I am proud.
246 days ago
100% straight
254 days ago
67% bi and 25% gay and I am 13
268 days ago
i got 100% gay and its true im only 13❤
295 days ago
50% gay, 25% bi and ready for this only 17% straight
299 days ago
im bicurious and i got 50% straight and 50% bi so that just about sums it up
319 days ago
how do you see what your results are i dont understand
319 days ago
Any% set seed glitchless
332 days ago
I’m a girl and I took this test by accident I thought it was for girls but turns out in straight .. and think I have hocd
333 days ago
Aaaaaaaaa the labels
352 days ago
I got 50%. I took a test before this one and got 58%. I though. Consider myself a raging bisexual
358 days ago
hm.. 50% bi, 50% gay, 0% straight..
so, just bi leaning towards men? fine with me.
358 days ago
92% gay
8% bisexual
0% straight
My boyfriend will be happy to see this
385 days ago
83 percent straight
17 percent bi
0 percent gay
410 days ago
Ooo I’m 8% straight!
443 days ago
So bored, wish I had someone to talk to
446 days ago
100% straight. Shocker. Still support the bros in the LGBT community though.
448 days ago
14 and I’m very very sure I’m gay, I’ve never seen a girl that does anything for me. So gay yayy!!