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Sexuality Test: Boys 10 to 16

This is a sexuality test meant for boys. If you really want to find out your sexuality - which you must if you're checking out quizzes like this - think deep inside yourself. You probably know the answer already. For the simply curious, go right ahead and try out my test!

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    Which of these do you think you are?
    Which of these do you think you are?

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265 days ago
75% bisexual
17% straight
8% gay

Honestly I am proud of myself
349 days ago
58% Straight: Yeah
33% Bi: Makes sence
8% Gay: Maybe?

The results kinda line up with the real percentages that i have
390 days ago
42 percent bi
25 percent straight
25 percent gay
we all know im straight ive only given head like twice but that wasnt love that was to boost morale thus straight
394 days ago
i am 42 % bi
33 % gay
25 % straight
umm ok i guess
402 days ago
100% gay, i guess. ok
571 days ago
67% Straight
37% Bi
0% Gay
37% Bi be like Jesus 🐬 Christ, being myself changed unless I don't even use that (Don't tell me it's ok to use it cuz I know it is, just being myself got more confusing.)
654 days ago
50% straight
25% bi
8% homosexual
658 days ago
I am 100% gay and I am proud.
659 days ago
100% straight
667 days ago
67% bi and 25% gay and I am 13
680 days ago
i got 100% gay and its true im only 13❤
708 days ago
50% gay, 25% bi and ready for this only 17% straight
712 days ago
im bicurious and i got 50% straight and 50% bi so that just about sums it up
731 days ago
how do you see what your results are i dont understand
732 days ago
Any% set seed glitchless
745 days ago
I’m a girl and I took this test by accident I thought it was for girls but turns out in straight .. and think I have hocd
746 days ago
Aaaaaaaaa the labels
764 days ago
I got 50%. I took a test before this one and got 58%. I though. Consider myself a raging bisexual
771 days ago
hm.. 50% bi, 50% gay, 0% straight..
so, just bi leaning towards men? fine with me.
771 days ago
92% gay
8% bisexual
0% straight
My boyfriend will be happy to see this