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Does SHE like YOU back?

Does SHE like YOU back?



Does she like me?

Gay Roleplay Quiz

Gay Roleplay Quiz

Does She Like Me? (By A Girl - 100% accurate)

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18 days ago
thanks! atleast someone has my back on this one
21 days ago
i completely agree with rebel girl. why wouoldn't boys be on this site. igotta i=admit it is pretty stooky
40 days ago
-to SomeRandomDude
41 days ago
To all the girls that are saying that men should not be on this site-
We are on this site because we like someone and we want to know if they like us back it does not matter I they are gay, they like someone we want answers and we are to scared to ask them if we dont know so CHILL like god DAM women
48 days ago
why the hell WOULDN'T men be on a site like this anyways???

DON'T BE TO FUGGING SEXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
48 days ago
why the hell would men be on a quiz site like this anyways
49 days ago
WOW the boys section is so dry! (No offence) but why are all the comments about "Being gay" and saying "hi" and also why are there so many girls here and so little guys???????????

This doesn't make sense but anyway!
59 days ago
im gay bobba dee bobba da
77 days ago
119 days ago
Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo
130 days ago
Yet means *Anyone*
130 days ago
Hi (IDK why I am doing this)
150 days ago
Enyone online I'm board
167 days ago
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii imma gurl tooooo
176 days ago
208 days ago
Yayyyy hi! I have nothing else to do so I finally came back 😊
228 days ago
Any one online pls I'm bored
231 days ago
yeah boysssssss
235 days ago
Hey hey hey me a girl too wanted to see ha😅
238 days ago
Hi I’m a girl Hehe