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Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

Do I Like Her? (Boys Only!)

Do I Like Her? (Boys Only!)

Does she like me?

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ItsMeNotU (58293)
19 days ago
Uh........i shouldnt be here. But i wanted to see if the does she like u quizzes were accurate. Plus...girls are totally different and our displays of affection differ. Nothing is 100% when it comes to a broad group of people.
mooz (yroop am back) (61804)
33 days ago
whyyyyyyy are alllllll these quizzes still the same thing
I come back every half-year, hopings it will change, it never does
bleh, why are there so many gay quizzes and does she like you quizzes, SHE DOESNT IF YOU COME HERE, usually


:( (97962)
48 days ago
creature u gotta be careful considering how she goes behind her boyfriends back, she might be willing to do that to u too. but, if your optimistic, shes already made plans to dump her boyfriend or if you are in a certain position, she probably just wants u as a good boy friend meaning a platonic relationship. but be optimistic if your feeling it! gl to you creature.
creature (23911)
66 days ago
Any girls offering assistance, Please help. I am new to this school, having been here for about three weeks now, but there has been a girl that I have liked since I first met her. She is cute, nice, and shares most all of the same likes/dislikes as I do. The only downside is that she has a boyfriend. I am very good freinds with both of them. The other day I said something and she figured out that I liked her than after her debating it silently with herself, wrote me a small nit saying that "I kinda like you too(unreadable words)". She has me basically take her boyfriends place when he isnt there, allowing me to be close, comfort, and hug her. Please explain this.
In highest hopes,
creature (23911)
66 days ago
Love is a peculliour thing; It can twist your heart to the point where it shatters, warm you like the sun, and many other things; but it is still only a simple emotion caused by chemicals and such in your body.
georgeyyy (93040)
81 days ago
The girl I like is rich and now we r together!!!!
PizzaKid (27962)
87 days ago
Good for you 😬👍
Dmitri (56427)
88 days ago
I am Russian....Do you know that I was in the same city as FREAKIN' KRISTINA PIMENOVA?? heh. I'm just learning about her a couple months after she left for L.A.
PizzaKid (27962)
98 days ago
(Edit)Love them for their personality
PizzaKid (27962)
98 days ago
You shouldn’t like a girl just because she is rich.Love a person you love,but make sure you’re able to look at her.😃
georgeyyy (38214)
98 days ago
Yo I really like this girl cuz she is a millionaire and SO hot! I need an idea for what to give her on her birthday. we both have maths together and I think she likes someone else... what should I get herHELP ME!!!
PizzaKid (27962)
99 days ago
Oh I get it thanks for telling me
Kyra (54292)
105 days ago
Cuz not every girl is the same. AT ALL. I'll be truthful here. Girls are totally different from guys. But we do have stuff in common with u. Like the fact that girls play video games too. I do! I just never have time.... (*life). Lookie here. My sister is boy crazy, ok? I DISLIKE it. All she ever talks about are boys and crap. I'm not like that... of course there are LOTS of guys. I'm not really the type of person who's down with looking into that stuff too much I guess.
Kyra (00122)
105 days ago
Sure about what 'Pizzakid'
PizzaKid (27962)
106 days ago
Are you sure about that Kyra? 🤨🤔🧐
Kyra (96986)
110 days ago
Uh I'm a girl and here's some advice to guys (if u came for the 'does she like u' quizzes) DONT SWEAT IT!! Girls r confusing but we usually tell u What we mean at the right moments... everything happens 4 a reason too...
Shaena Mahanjane (15059)
112 days ago
Hey I love you Zoey Brooks is the only way to meet you I am very excited for the most talented kind of a test .Now it was the best times to share.
PizzaKid (27962)
128 days ago
I know right.thereare so many of these do you like her is too much
big daddy 9000 (29837)
128 days ago
these are all gay quizzes and does she like you quizzes. I thought there would be stuff worth my time being a guy and all
Ruby 3093421 (84518)
130 days ago
I’m a girl! Now I know your secrets! *mwahaha!*