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Does SHE like YOU back?

Does SHE like YOU back?

Am I Gay?

Am I Gay Or Bisexual?

Am I Gay Or Bisexual?

Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

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Mackenzy (54326)
4 days ago
So I’m very confused about my sexuality because I don’t find guys all that much attractive, although I do want to date then, like l might see a guy and go “oh, I’d date him!” or something but not think they’re attractive, girls on ther other hand are the opposite, I think girls are super attractive, but I DO NOT want to date them, like at all. I think I’m gay because, well, I’d want to date another guy, even if I don’t find them attractive, but I think girls are attractive and I don’t want to date them, that’s why I’m so confused. If anyone has advise, please let me know.
By the way, I’m a guy, I mean, physically im a girl, but mentally I’m a guy, I probably just made this a lot more confusing. Well, thanks!
jack (11224)
26 days ago
Dont be ashamed at all...
Riley (69034)
26 days ago
@Dylan, you shouldn’t feel ashamed to be gay, there’s nothing wrong with it and you should be proud to be yourself, don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong to be you!
I💖my self (14201)
27 days ago
@Dylan, you should feel like that because we weren't created to like the same sex, it is a developed habit, not the way you were formed. If you choose to be straight there's no obstacle on your way that you can't battle.
Gray (24570)
31 days ago
Yeah, I’m here, sorry it took so long, what would you like?
Dylan (10047)
32 days ago
i feel like i'm a mistake for being gay.
Mike (52020)
33 days ago
Gray I need help can you help me
Mike (52020)
33 days ago
Gray are you on here
Niana (91595)
44 days ago
Excuse me????????
digi-dude (82899)
44 days ago
ok what gray girl tell me
Gray (41465)
52 days ago
if anyone wants some advice from a girl, I’m here and open, just let me know.
Aussie (92512)
61 days ago
DONT rely on these tests 100%. Cuz really, your feelings should be the thing to confirm.
Aussie (92512)
61 days ago
WOW... I kinda agree with mia... but you guys should kinda be a little bit nicer. :) It helps. Also, you should be honest, watch her body language also. So many ways to tell! :D

Have a good time pplz. YOLO.

(Im only here bc i want to see my bf's perspective. :) It helps to look at the other gender sometimes.)

Aim (95098)
65 days ago
Uh, Mia? Being jerks is our way of keepings our cools while we’re still too nervous to tell girls the truth. (If we ignore you, you make us nervous. It’s complicated. And to be honest, looking at the pages of my life, the times that I did it, I just convey the wrong message, and don’t live happily ever after. Tomorrow I’m gonna be honest, and see where that gets me. Assuming a gajilllion factors go in my favor. 🙁
Mia (92512)
91 days ago
Also, if you like a girl, tell them!!!! You don’t know how much it pisses us off when this happens! Because sooner or later, it’s the end of the year and you haven’t told her how you feel

Xx Mia ✔️✌🏽

Have a good day dudes
Mia (92512)
91 days ago
Guys: don’t be such jerks towards girls; I know some of you aren’t but really that is not de wae to go ✔️
Mis (92512)
91 days ago
Lol why the hell am I here.. boys have it easy ✌🏽👻
ItsMeNotU (58293)
141 days ago
Uh........i shouldnt be here. But i wanted to see if the does she like u quizzes were accurate. Plus...girls are totally different and our displays of affection differ. Nothing is 100% when it comes to a broad group of people.
mooz (yroop am back) (61804)
155 days ago
whyyyyyyy are alllllll these quizzes still the same thing
I come back every half-year, hopings it will change, it never does
bleh, why are there so many gay quizzes and does she like you quizzes, SHE DOESNT IF YOU COME HERE, usually


:( (97962)
170 days ago
creature u gotta be careful considering how she goes behind her boyfriends back, she might be willing to do that to u too. but, if your optimistic, shes already made plans to dump her boyfriend or if you are in a certain position, she probably just wants u as a good boy friend meaning a platonic relationship. but be optimistic if your feeling it! gl to you creature.