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Quizzes marked Our Choice!* have been checked and improved several times each. This process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spelling correction
  • Text flow improvement
  • Checks for sensitive content
  • Checks for copyrighted content
  • Analysis of comments
  • Improvement of the quiz structure for a more accurate result

First, we adjust spelling, grammar, and text flow to make the quiz as reader friendly as possible. Next, we evaluate the content, analyze the comments, and make any adjustments necessary for meeting user expectations.
Our Choice! quizzes have been chosen for their popularity and high ratings. This not only means that they are higher quality tests from an objective, technical standpoint, they are also endorsed by their intended audience.

Only a quiz that has been checked and improved at least twice will be marked Our Choice!, whereupon it is considered peer reviewed.
We work hard to make our quizzes relevant, interesting, useful, and timely. Our end goal is to offer consistently high-quality tests that incorporate the community's valid suggestions for improvement.
Our Choice! quizzes consistently meet or exceed our high standards for quality. We want to make your experience the best we can make it. We hope you enjoy our tests!

*Please note that all our quizzes are intended ONLY to entertain users, and should not be considered professional, legal, medical, or any other kind of advice.