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What Fnaf Character are you? (1)

Which FNaF Animatronic are you?

Which FNAF Character are you?

Which FNAF Bunny Animatronic are you?

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Princess Seyfaie springbonyette (29087)
24 days ago
Lol why does no one think about me and my friends at Fred bears like springtrap me kitten(kitten is our new foxy but cat and is also my sis)fredbear and marionette
Isla (90518)
206 days ago
Hey, I enjoyed doing this test I’m a nerd when it comes to fnaf so I’m just happy #fnafnerd #lonley #...
Ballora (90518)
206 days ago
I got ballora which is funny cause she’s one of my fav characters (here’s a free fact:Markiplier calls Ballora dancie pants) 😂
Foxy (90518)
206 days ago
Hey! I’m coming down the hall way! Oh hi there yeah hiiii yeah...rawer (as you can tell I got foxy)
Mangle (90518)
206 days ago
I’m on your ceiling, I hope you don’t mind. Aw you wanna win? TO BAD!
pupet (73764)
239 days ago
i am the pupet yayyyyyyyy
foxy (52329)
263 days ago
I am foxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kaidence (24613)
266 days ago
azoz (35843)
269 days ago
i love games
paige (64377)
882 days ago
I got chica and foxy