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Which FNaF Animatronic are you?

Which FNAF Character are you?

Which FNAF Bunny Animatronic are you?

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Isla (90518)
144 days ago
Hey, I enjoyed doing this test I’m a nerd when it comes to fnaf so I’m just happy #fnafnerd #lonley #...
Ballora (90518)
144 days ago
I got ballora which is funny cause she’s one of my fav characters (here’s a free fact:Markiplier calls Ballora dancie pants) 😂
Foxy (90518)
144 days ago
Hey! I’m coming down the hall way! Oh hi there yeah hiiii yeah...rawer (as you can tell I got foxy)
Mangle (90518)
144 days ago
I’m on your ceiling, I hope you don’t mind. Aw you wanna win? TO BAD!
pupet (73764)
177 days ago
i am the pupet yayyyyyyyy
foxy (52329)
201 days ago
I am foxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kaidence (24613)
205 days ago
azoz (35843)
208 days ago
i love games
paige (64377)
820 days ago
I got chica and foxy