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What fox are you?

What fox are you?

What Type of Fox are You?

What Type of Fox are You?

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Red Vixen (88862)
102 days ago
I’m such a fox nerd these tests are my own little heavens. Red fox, Arctic fox, Blanford’s fox, Tibetan sand fox, fennec fox, swift fox, corsac fox, Rüppell’s fox, Bengal fox, kit fox, cape fox, pale fox.
Foxy Starlight (87216)
220 days ago
Hello!!! I like foxes with big ears!!! They’re cute!!!
Hannah Fox (29974)
223 days ago
Fox is LITERALLY my last name
Redfur (15674)
309 days ago
Foxes are my favorite animal!!!!!🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊
Goldenriver (59905)
319 days ago
I love all of these tests!!
Aurora (78492)
326 days ago
I love foxes 🦊🦊🦊😜😎❤️❤️👍🦊🦄
tris (19203)
542 days ago
wheeee! i love these tests