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Am I In A Toxic Friendship?

Am I In A Toxic Friendship?

The more important thing for you. Friendship or love?

Is my BFF sick of me?

Should you keep that friend?

Should you be friends?

Friendship quiz

Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?

Want to know your friendship type?

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461 days ago
It says on the tests that we 're friends but I'm 100% certain that she hates me
461 days ago
Hi, I NEED help! so I had 3 bffs but now that one of them has gone on holiday, the other one ditched me! I'm not her friend any more bit apparently she's still my friend but I don't believe her. I've been by myself all week but I've still got another week until my friend who went on holiday comes back.
What should I do???
Please help me
543 days ago
GIVE me a test to know if my bff is my bff
546 days ago
I love rahma but problme rahmas father
714 days ago
@Notme, thanks i got new friends now
745 days ago
@Alexa, try making some new friends! I know this sounds obvious, but it works! Just something as simple as talking to someone new can turn into the best friendship you've ever been in!
745 days ago
@Bella Peters, if your "bffs" don't like you then they aren't your bffs! Try talking to some people that you normally don't, you are bound to make some new friends!
745 days ago
@Emily 💖 Sounds to me like she is not your friend! But I would give her one more chance.......
746 days ago
My "bff" spreads rumours about me and makes up lies about me.
For example, once she said to her other friend "i wanna be friends with Emily's worst enemy but she said if you are im not you're friend any more" her friend came up to me and told me what my "bff" had said. I told her friend it wasn't true and then i went up to my "bff" and asked her why she made up the lie and she said "ummm bye loser" and walked off
754 days ago
!I Love My Best Friend Her Name Is Sara She Is Funny And Sweet I LOVE HER GUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
757 days ago
I have a lovely and crazy best friend ,her name is Jyoti .😘😘🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍
781 days ago
I have very caring friends
798 days ago
I don't have good friends!
802 days ago
My best friend is Double B we work together at the same work place Hampshire Dining, he is a great best friend and I like hanging out with him.
834 days ago
Hi !!!!!! I hope your having a great time
876 days ago
My bffs don't like me
1621 days ago
You should try the am I attractive test and see what u get. I got 9/10 and I'm in fifth grade