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You have just entered the realm of the obsessed Harry Potter fan. We're glad you're here! And you will be, too, when you see the cool Harry Potter character and personality quizzes you can take in this section.
There's something here for every Potter fan (and we're always adding quizzes, so keep checking back). For example, here you can find out your patronus...which female character you are (including how Hermione Granger you actually are!). There's a quiz to tell you which Harry Potter creature you that reveals which Death Eater you are...and several to simply determine which Harry Potter character (including which Hogwarts professor) you are. Or maybe you're wondering which wand you'd be given? Find out here!
Some obsessions you probably shouldn't feed (picking at your face, maybe? Stop that! :). But happily, a Harry Potter obsession is one that's always encouraged! Start here, take all our Harry Potter quizzes and check back regularly to see if we've added any new ones...because we like to keep our Harry Potter fans happy! Have fun!

Find Harry Potter characters / house quizzes

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12 days ago
Least favorite is Voldemort and umbridge
12 days ago
Dobby the house-Elf is my absolute favorite character, competing with Neville and Luna
20 days ago
hey Draco good luck telling your dad. remember he ran away because he was so scared seems like your family doesn't care!!!!:)Enterhi here your text you want to format
20 days ago
Come, daddy, Harry doesn't want to talk to us right now. He's just too polite to say it.
20 days ago
31 days ago
Hi I’m Hermione s sister Charm!
31 days ago
My father will hear about this!!!!!!!!
32 days ago
I am a Gryffindor my favoriye animal is a cat
I love to get an A in class
38 days ago
I watch Harry Potter every night
44 days ago
it's been so long since i've taken a quiz on here whoa
45 days ago
ALL DA WAY!!!!!!
45 days ago
49 days ago
HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!!!! I'm a Hufflepuff
52 days ago
What house are you in!
52 days ago
I’m a Gryffindor! My Patronus is a gryphon and my wand is made of holly wood with a pheonix feather core ❤️
54 days ago
i really wanna be a Slytherin
55 days ago
i am in RAVENCLAW! and loving it !
55 days ago
I would love to be In Ravenclaw and I'm in it!
57 days ago
I would love to be a hufflepuff because it's my favorite house! Lets see how it goes!😝
68 days ago
the movies are so amazing that i watch them so much