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Remember those Magic Eye pictures that were sold at malls in the '90s? Their actual, technical name is autostereograms. Anyway, if you were to stare at one of these images long enough, a hidden picture was supposed to emerge. Not everyone could see the hidden image (personally, we didn't have the patience!).
Understanding yourself and how others see you is a lot like looking at an autostereogram - you often have to look long and hard to see things clearly. Sometimes, no matter how hard or how long you look, you can't see yourself objectively. And all too often - like with an autostereogram - we just get discouraged and walk away before we ever see what we were trying to.
When you get a vibe someone doesn't like you, or someone seems to really like you but you don't understand why, it can be puzzling. You wonder what they see that you don't. If you want to see yourself like others do, try taking these tests to become more self-aware. And remember, we ALL feel self-conscious and sensitive at times - so don't be too hard on yourself.

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Do people like you?

What Do Other People Think Of Me?

What Do Other People Think Of Me?

Do people hate me?

What Do People See You As?

Do People Admire You?

What are people's first impression of you?

Do People Hate Me?

Do People Hate Me?

Do I seem strange/awkward to other people?

What do others see in you?

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