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If you woke up as a boy...

If you woke up a boy, what would you do?

If you woke up as a boy

What if you woke up a boy?

What if you woke up a boy?

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28 days ago
So it said I'd survive three hours... Wrong! I'd at least make it to school first :p plus I could do basketball or soccer on the boys only school team for once!
117 days ago
Ooooo actually I'd love to be a boy! Nah just jk
117 days ago
Actually if I was a boy I'd just get surgery and trans I geuss
117 days ago
ugh I wouldn't survive a second as a boy.Yeah I don't like most girl stuff tho
117 days ago
Meh I'd just skive school, Not like anybody would care
152 days ago
Hey I am Rumaysa but you can call me rum . I would much rather girl I don't know if I could survive it if I was a girl it was a hard test I am 9 years old
175 days ago
If it was monday then I'd go back to sleep.
181 days ago
im a hot guy and also gonna stay as a hat boy
190 days ago
if i were a guy I would have rainbow hair In a ponytail and I would be gay AF
212 days ago
As a transboy, this quiz was quite okay.
213 days ago
What is this I thought this was for quiz only
219 days ago
I would NOT like to be a boy.Oooo!Their clothes are so gross,cringe! I guess I could survive a few hours but definitely no more than a day.
230 days ago
I will survive the day
238 days ago
i would not survive a day as a boy all l wear are dresses
257 days ago
If I was a boy I would be gay so I could get majdw fun of and being a
305 days ago
317 days ago
Only three quizes? Lovely xD
325 days ago
i dont get this thing i thought it was questions
349 days ago
Hi i’m Zeccera but you can just call me ”Cera”...
349 days ago
I’d rather be a girl.