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Can You Be A Medicine Cat?

Which Medicine Cat are You?

Are You Fit To Be A Medicine Cat?

Are you a true medicine cat?

Are you a true medicine cat?

What medicine cat are you?

Which medicine cat are you?

What Medicine Cat are you?

What Medicine Cat Are You?

Which Warrior Cats Medicine Cat Are You?

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296 days ago
I'm fernshine of moonclan and I'm a blind shecat. I'm also the medicine cat and has a extra special connection to starclan. I have a mate that no one knows about from reedclan. His name is Mistycloud. We had kits together but a queen had to take care of them. Their names are, silverkit, jaykit, and wingkit. My life is hard but I have a special connection to starclan and so I have a power. I can dissapear whenever I feel and I can shapeshift. It's been many many moons now and I have an apprentice named shinepaw. Now my clan is healthy and strong and shinepaw has earned her medicine cat name, shineleaf. Shineleaf is sick. She has yellowcough and her hearing getting worse and worse. I hope she is ok soon. Shineleaf has died and I'm alone again. I'm growing older by the second and I think I need an apprentice again. Silverkit jaykit and wingkit now have their senior warrior names, sliverwhisker, wingheart, and jaytail. I have an apprentice now and her name is treepaw. She is close to earning her medicine cat name. More moons have passed and treepaw has her medicine cat name, treefoot. I'm weak and getting older. I don't think I can hold on much longer. Silverwhisker walks in followed by jaytail and wingheart. I'm weaker and I know I have to tell them the truth before I go to starclan. Come closer, I speak In a rasped and hushed voice. Tears well up in my eyes as I tell them the truth about their father and me. They are confused and sad. They seem to care more now that I am falling apart. In struggling to breath and I can barely hear treefoot yelling and trying to make contact with me along with other warriors including my kits. I close my eyes and the next thing I knew, shineleaf and Mistycloud were greeting me. I felt I had served my duty to my clan. My time is over. (Walks away with the two cats)
Was that too sad???? 😂😭