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Percy Jackson has personality traits anyone would be lucky to have. Beneath his god-like good looks lies an unselfish desire to use his powers - like controlling water, making hurricanes, talking to animals, swordfighting and such - for good, not to enrich himself or to seek revenge.
Percy's unrelenting loyalty to friends and family was deemed a "fatal flaw" by the goddess Athena. But whatever can be won by betraying those closest to you isn't worth having, right? And although Percy isn't perfect (he struggles with ADHD and dyslexia, for example), he's pretty darn awesome. We wouldn't mind emulating his best qualities ourselves.
So do YOU have a "Percy-nality"? Find out which personality traits you share with Percy Jackson in this section of more than 50 quizzes. Try a few now - maybe you could even challenge your friends to match your results!

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