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Among the many challenges of being a teen is figuring out how to fit into the many - and always changing - groups of other teens whom you encounter in everyday life. These endeavors are not for the faint of heart! The good news is, although you'll never completely stop trying to fit in, it does get easier when you're an adult, because you at least know yourself to a good degree.
Yes, for better or for worse, teenhood (for lack of a better term) is when you're most challenged to figure yourself out. And all the while, you're trying to determine which group(s) you fit into! Or don't! Agh!
So, tell you what. We're here to try to help, with a handful of quizzes you can take to sort out your own personality and shed light on the other types you're always running into. Do you have a mixed teen girl personality? There's a quiz for that. Are you a stereotypical teen? There's one for that, too. And more – have a look!
Seriously, we know being a teen is challenging. We've been there, or are there now, navigating it all with you. Take a test or two in this section if you're not sure where you are with everything. We promise this knowledge can help you make sense of what might seem pretty senseless sometimes.

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Am I A Stereotypical Teen?

Am I A Stereotypical Teen?

Teen quiz

Personality Test For Teens

Personality Test For Teens

What Kind of Teen Girl Am I?

What Kind of Teen Girl Am I?

What kind of teenage girl are you?

What type of teen are you?

Teens-Which crowd do you fit into?

Teenage Drama

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186 days ago
Uhm- I'm really awkward and I have trust issues
193 days ago
Hey, I get judged a lot 🧸
288 days ago
oh hey guys im feeling down 😻
298 days ago
so hi how are yo doing? well i hope your good.. goodnight
309 days ago
This is okay ig...not the best tho
324 days ago
((purplThis was great and made me happy. I am going through a massive argument. The comment at the end made me happy :))
398 days ago
i have alot of problems at school that i need to fix . i think that the quizzes were fun.Good job
464 days ago
I hope U have a good day
487 days ago
hi alfred smith.
y dont u just make ur own quiz 4 boys dude???
517 days ago
these test are fun to take, but they dont give many options. For the boyfriend thing its not that i dont want to date i just havent found someone i wanted to date, so maybe a few more options on that. And maybe make the questions more general like for the goth girl and the diva girl maybe make the answer more general because i dont think any girl wants to admit that they are a dive
525 days ago
anytest for boys on here or are you just gonna be sexist
528 days ago
Hey it's me! Nicola, how are you? Please comment so I can know if you are okay because I know how it feels, given the fact all of my boyfriends have dumped me for one of my friends. By the way, If you want revenge, I'm best person to ask for ideas that won't harm them but will embarrass them so much that they won't want to leave their room for a week or two. If you don't respond, I'll understand. It is a bit weird that a random person is trying to talk to you but don't worry I'm harmless.
553 days ago
So interesting!! I love every one of those quizzes.
558 days ago
it was tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ggggggggggoooooooooooodddd
560 days ago
I want to know my future job😊
562 days ago
i want to learn how to behave
605 days ago
Nicola, sorry if this hurts your feelings but GET OVER IT!!!!! I said that bluntly because if your boyfriend dumped you for your BF, it shows he is a jerk and you shouldn't care about him any more. Also, ask your BF why he is now with her and why she betrayed you by being with him.
605 days ago
Hey kyle would u like to be my friend....................,............. '...............,..
611 days ago
I am the best!!!! I am a typicle teen.
638 days ago
#me the best😜
This is pretty cool😎😎
Quite good that I took this quiz😊