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Among the many challenges of being a teen is figuring out how to fit into the many - and always changing - groups of other teens whom you encounter in everyday life. These endeavors are not for the faint of heart! The good news is, although you'll never completely stop trying to fit in, it does get easier when you're an adult, because you at least know yourself to a good degree.
Yes, for better or for worse, teenhood (for lack of a better term) is when you're most challenged to figure yourself out. And all the while, you're trying to determine which group(s) you fit into! Or don't! Agh!
So, tell you what. We're here to try to help, with a handful of quizzes you can take to sort out your own personality and shed light on the other types you're always running into. Do you have a mixed teen girl personality? There's a quiz for that. Are you a stereotypical teen? There's one for that, too. And more – have a look!
Seriously, we know being a teen is challenging. We've been there, or are there now, navigating it all with you. Take a test or two in this section if you're not sure where you are with everything. We promise this knowledge can help you make sense of what might seem pretty senseless sometimes.

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~ Are you a Stereotype Teen? ~

What kind of teenage girl are you?

Teenage Drama

What Kind of Teen Girl Are You?

What Kind of Teen Girl Are You?

Teen Personality Quiz

Teens-Which crowd do you fit into?

What kind of teenager are you?

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shakira (07657)
5 days ago
im 15 but its like all the boys likes me dont whts wrong and i dont want a bf
jaden smith (01316)
30 days ago
my girlfriend broke up with me for no reason and said i was too boring
Emma (17402)
81 days ago
I'm 19 years old and my boyfriend said we should not be together
And ever since if be eating ice cream for weeks
Nicola (20656)
92 days ago
I am 15 years of age and my boyfriend finished me for my best friend so now we aren't friends no more and since then I have been very depressed.......
Lily (98666)
207 days ago
I love to procrastinate in class so these make time fly by. They are really fun to do and I think they all get me xD
Cheyenne Ozee (67471)
322 days ago
I think that these quizzes are really cool and I think that all teens should take them and see how they like them.
Chasity (94238)
848 days ago
I like this quiz it's pretty good
cookies19 (10171)
874 days ago
hi i love this quiz it is awesome