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Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
I wish to be someone named Tigermist, after Tigerstar and Mistystar. I would be the cruel deputy of Darkclan, a combination of Shadowclan and Riverclan. My mate would be Creekflight, a dark-hearted senior warrior. My kits are Scarface, Bloodfang, and Boneclaw. I helped take over the forest along with Bloodclan and the kin. I have been known to be a distant kin of Tigerstar and Mistystar.
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
I don't have any feeling towards the Tribe of Rushing Water, Skyclan, rouges, loners, kittypets wh have no relation to Firestar, and the Kin
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
I hate Thunderclan(especially Dovewing, Firestar, and Millie), Scorchfur, Raggedstar, Dawnpelt, Windclan, and Sparrow.
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
I love any cat who was in the Dark Forest, Bloodclan, Mudclaw, Ashfur, everyone who was killed again except Spottedleaf, everyone Shadowclan except Scorchfur, Raggedstar and Dawnpelt, Jayfeather and Yellowfang, Slash, everyone in Slash's group, One Eye(DoTC), Everyone in Riverclan, Brightheart, and Mousefur.
Lily (57131)
11 days ago
I love warrior cats so much I mean who doesn't 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐻
✨gorelover-dapplemist_🐠🐆🌸 (34879)
13 days ago
Whats this place about?
Dapplemist (34879)
13 days ago
Cool, this quiz is cool
Kk (09475)
14 days ago
Hi everyone
Lillyshine (81241)
30 days ago
I am new here,
How can I make a quiz?
Fan of Warrriors (35269)
51 days ago
Sorry don’t type in the name. They changed that. Now just check out my quizzes I guess.
Fan of Warrriors (35269)
51 days ago
Hi people reading this! Hope you have good luck on your quizzes and please check out my quizzes (type in the name above). Thank you so much and feel free to comment criticism about them. Thanks again!
Mistystar (29616)
64 days ago
I would have been Hazelbird if I wasn’t mistystar
dovewing (81107)
64 days ago
i want dove wing so cool my fave
Mistystar (29616)
65 days ago
I want to be Mistystar!duh
Stormberry (83864)
66 days ago
I love warrior cats! Stormberry is my warrior name. I would be a leader and I’m in Thunderclan
Fgdhhdhdhdhhdb (70440)
68 days ago
Wth is this quiz it just says aaaaaaaaaaaa or something
Firestar (48841)
69 days ago
I would be Firestar, obviously.
Ciara (71753)
85 days ago
hello i hope you have good luck with your quiz!
Skyleaf (86725)
87 days ago
Welp...this is my name!
Goldenleaf (04196)
88 days ago
Warriors are the best!!!!! These tests are uh pretty bad but... Anyway I love warriors and so does my crush! :D