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WHY?!!!!! (34030)
55 days ago
I'm a girl in the real world but every time i do one of these quizzes, it makes me a boy. Why, Starclan, WHY?!
Did I get the right answer? (86168)
80 days ago
I got firepoop.....boi
Ivypoo (32308)
84 days ago
That would be cool if we were warrior cats
Ivypool (32308)
84 days ago
I was Firestar and Bluestar in ThunderClan. WARRIOR CATS ARE THE BEST
Firestar (08461)
93 days ago
i'm a leader i was firestar every time out of 20 quizs.
Firestar (08461)
93 days ago
warrior cats are the best things is the galaxy!
Ivymist- (74678)
95 days ago
WARRIORS ROCK! I’m currently a deputy but I always had my heart set out as a med cat, oh well.
SquirrelFlight (74704)
108 days ago
Warriors is Totally my Favorite Book Series! You Rock Erin Hunter!
MerryDapple (10597)
124 days ago
Hi! I Love ❤️ warriors!
Ottersplash (95370)
132 days ago
Uhhh. So hi I’m new and uh I’m not sure but Bluestar is my fave warrior cats. I, really nervous okay so umm. Ummm bye?😅
Dovewing (42717)
134 days ago
Oh btw, Jaycat, um I don’t want to be rude but Jaywing is already a name. It would have been Jayfeather’s name if he had lived with the tribe. Half moon falls in love with Jay’s wing, and that’s pretty close to Jaywing. All of your other names are brilliant though, and as you can see I made some of my own too!
Dovewing (42717)
134 days ago
Riversplash, Nettlefur, Whitefrost, Aldershine, Leafstream, Lionstrike, Reedpelt, Cindertail, Brackenfire, Cloverstream, Spottedsky, Cloudwhisker, Skyflower, Petalshine, Flowernose.
Jaycat10 (37723)
140 days ago
leafstripe, Turtledapple. Softfur. Skunktail. Gingersplash. Moonshadow. Tallpeek. Silverecho. Goldenstream. Ripplesky. Ivystripe. Foxclaw. Barkwing. Dovefeathers. Redchest. Forestbelly. Grazingwater, and Brownstripes
Jaycat10 (37723)
140 days ago
Bluestrike. Lightningspots. Lakewing. Robinfeather. jaywing. Dappledheart. Maplefrost. Swiftfeet. Emberfur. Sunfire. Owlfrost. Tundraring. and......... Lionleap!
Hi (56927)
167 days ago
The German Page has also got roleplaygames and a very active community. Sorry for mistakes, I'm a German
siversong (09838)
238 days ago
Courtney (09610)
245 days ago
Echo-Stripe, those are actually really good names!
Echo-Stripe (54925)
245 days ago
I suggest these as worrior cat names!! They might be true but: Echo-foot, Tiger-bark, Bark-claw, and me Echo-stripe
nightmares (99860)
298 days ago
Hello my name is nightmares im kommet of German
WarriorCats! (12668)
373 days ago
Are u German Hailey?