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sharpwing (74605)
blazing heart bright red tom with blue eyes brother of sharpwing distant relative of jayfeather was banished by my brother sharpwing/sharpstar with my mate lightning tail and our kits lightning cheetah and flamekit
sharpwing (74605)
evil thunderclan leader decades after vision of shadows banished my brother blazing heart for speaking against me large white tom with blue stripes my mate is silverspots and i have one living kit whose two littermates died named frostkit
Tawnyspots (01151)
6 days ago
Hello! My name is Tawnyspots, I’m a Warrior of ShadowClan and known as the bravest of them all. I hold my beautiful littermate ( Barkface ) in my heart due to his loss in Leafbare because of starvation, I also hold my Mate ( Birchsong ) and my two Kits ( Bloomingpaws and Dandelion fur ) in my heart too. I have some very dark secrets from the past that StarClan would never forgive.. I might as well just say them.
1) I watched my Mother be murdered by my Father
2) I watched in horror as my daughter Bloomingpaws got killed by my other daughter Dandelionfur
3) I tried to save my littermate from starvation, but it was to late
4) I had to try to pretend that my Father never killed or hurt any of my Clanmates lovers
Thank you very much for listening to my Bio and Stories on me! I hope to talk again, good bye for now!
Icedapple? (87916)
12 days ago
No way, I took a test on the real website, on the score, I'm Ivypelt, medicine of Riverclan
Firestar (48841)
12 days ago
I agree with Heartclaw. Tigerstar did deserve to go to the dark forest.
night (95716)
22 days ago
hello im night im the daughter of scourge and im a fearsome warrior of bloodclan i have no mate and i plan on becoming the next deputy
Foxy(my Phoenix Drop High OC) (12009)
24 days ago
Hi! i'm Thunderclaw the deputy of CavernClan, i'm a she-cat and i have no mate
Lighting star (65018)
27 days ago
hello,im lighting star Form Night clan..Im a She cat a Agile and Fast leader i hope thunder clan is Good.
IvyPaw (84515)
32 days ago
H-hi im IvyPaw from BrambleClan, which is a brand new clan, My mate is BreezePaw and Im a She-Cat. Oh how I just love my Breezy Paw.
Heartclaw (75150)
36 days ago
I’m a bit offended, I LOVE Thunderclan and Squirrelflight is my favourite. I was happy when Tigerstar died, he was pure evil and deserves to be in the dark forest and Firestar is a great cat.
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
64 days ago
I wish to be someone named Tigermist, after Tigerstar and Mistystar. I would be the cruel deputy of Darkclan, a combination of Shadowclan and Riverclan. My mate would be Creekflight, a dark-hearted senior warrior. My kits are Scarface, Bloodfang, and Boneclaw. I helped take over the forest along with Bloodclan and the kin. I have been known to be a distant kin of Tigerstar and Mistystar.
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
64 days ago
I don't have any feeling towards the Tribe of Rushing Water, Skyclan, rouges, loners, kittypets wh have no relation to Firestar, and the Kin
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
64 days ago
I hate Thunderclan(especially Dovewing, Firestar, and Millie), Scorchfur, Raggedstar, Dawnpelt, Windclan, and Sparrow.
Mistystar or Tigerstar (29616)
64 days ago
I love any cat who was in the Dark Forest, Bloodclan, Mudclaw, Ashfur, everyone who was killed again except Spottedleaf, everyone Shadowclan except Scorchfur, Raggedstar and Dawnpelt, Jayfeather and Yellowfang, Slash, everyone in Slash's group, One Eye(DoTC), Everyone in Riverclan, Brightheart, and Mousefur.
Lily (57131)
74 days ago
I love warrior cats so much I mean who doesn't 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐻
✨gorelover-dapplemist_🐠🐆🌸 (34879)
75 days ago
Whats this place about?
Dapplemist (34879)
75 days ago
Cool, this quiz is cool
Kk (09475)
77 days ago
Hi everyone
Lillyshine (81241)
93 days ago
I am new here,
How can I make a quiz?
Fan of Warrriors (35269)
114 days ago
Sorry don’t type in the name. They changed that. Now just check out my quizzes I guess.