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Somewhere on the border between Starclan and The Dark Forest is a misty white line your very favorite Warrior Cat probably crosses every night. Purrsonality-wise, are you like that cat? Or purrhaps you pre-fur your favorite Warrior Cat because he or she is quite different from you?
OK, OK, so we're getting a little crazy with the cat puns! The point is, if you're obsessed with Warrior Cats and have been wondering which one you're the most like, or anything else related to Warrior Cat characteristics, you're in the right place. Welcome to our Warrior Cat personality cat-egory of quizzes!
Or maybe you haven't wondered about this topic until right meow...and the thought of finding out is just too intriguing to pass up? Either way, why not try a test or two now? There are loads of them - find out which leader you are, what your rank is, what your name is, which Thunderclan cat you might be and more. What a purrfect way for a Warrior Cat fan to kill some time!

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17 days ago
I am Ravenstar, leader of HorizonClan. My deputy is Redjay. The leader before me was my best friend, Crimsonstar, but she retired to the elders den before using her last life. My mate died in a battle against NoghtClan and BloodClan, while he lived, his name was Crowtail, our kits are, Whiteflash, and Crow (Crow became a kittypet shortly after receiving his Warrior name) Whiteflash died of being poisoned by the NightClan medicine cat. After Crowtail was gone, I became mates with Redjay, we had three kits together, Leopardkit, Smokekit, and Flashkit.
24 days ago
Hello There- I’m TundraWebs a Half blind Silver Tabby With Forest green Eyes. I’m Currently In the Dark Forest. I Have broken Most of the
Warrior Code pfft Like I care. Well I’m a strong, Powerhungry Cat I’m Also Very Cunning And Sneaky. In my eyes I am The Good Guy guess I’m not- My mentor Was KestrelWing, And my apprentice Was Featherpaw (Killed by Me ;-;) My current Dark forest apprentice Is BeePaw
29 days ago
I am the leader of HuntClan, Hawkstar. I am golden with green eyes. I have three siblings, Thorneye{tom}, Sorreleye{she-cat}, and Brackensong{tom}. My mate is Sandsong and I have two kits, Dustpaw and Foxpaw. Dustpaw's mentor is Treebuck and Foxpaw's mentor is Lilyfur. My mother went to StarClan recently. She was Skyleaf. My father is the deputy. He is Jayear.

Thorneye-golden tom
Sorreleye-tortoiseshell she-cat
Brackensong-brown tom
Sandsong-light brown tom
Dustpaw-brown tom with amber eyes
Foxpaw-ginger and brown tom
Treebuck-light brown tom
Lilyfur-white she-cat
Skyleaf-white she-cat with ginger paws
Jayear-gray tom with amber eyes
33 days ago
Hi I’m Cevil but as a warrior cat I am,
Breezefang, a strong medicine cat she with small, dainty paws and a pretty pelt.I have a brother called Acornwhisker, he is my best friend.I also have two sisters called Hawkkit and Rainkit. My mother is Fallowwind and my father is Tigersnow, while my step mother is called Grousenose.
I never wanted to be a medicine cat until I went with the medicine cat, Rubblewing, to the moon pool where I slipped and had a dream from starclan! It ended up saving Thunderclan! I am a proud she cat from Riverclan and no cat can take that away from me.
42 days ago
I’m a small but powerful she cat from shadowclan.My mother is called Starkwhisker and she is now a queen with my stepfather, Rowanripple, expecting kits.I do have a sister called Mosspaw but she went of with my real father, Blackpelt, into the wild before she became a warrior. I have a slight crush on Darkfire, I think he likes me too because of my shining tabby pelt.
54 days ago
hello I'm a big warrior's fan. Did u know a warrior's movie is coming out! No joke.
121 days ago
Hi! I am Brave heart (not from the books) I am a dark golden-Brown she cat whit a big and fluffy fur. I have a short temper but are very sweet and caring. I am a skilled warrior and have a lot of pride. My fahter was an evil (I am good) and strong dark brown cat and was half TC and half SC. My mother was kind and beautiful whit a golden fluffy fur and was half WC and half RC. I have a brother he looks like my father. When we was born they moved from their clans and bacame rouges. They died and a two leg found me. I was a kitty pet when I was a kit until I joined TC. My brother came to SC. A few years later we meet each other and discovered the secrets about ur past, but he is dead now. My mates name is White fang and ur kit is Snow paw. My parents, foster parents, my siblings and foster siblings are ded. It can be lonely some times and I have a dark past, I have seen the cats I love die around me but I am happy, I can get in trouble and fight pretty easy but are a very loyal TC warrior. Ps my favourite in the Warriors cast series are Bluestar.
152 days ago
I'm Forestfire! I'm Thunderclans medicine cat. I'm also Firestars ancestor. I secretly have kits with a windclan cat. I'm super stubborn but caring. I'm also pretty sassy.
167 days ago
I'm Nightwing I'm a med. cat and have a secret relationship with Jayfeather. My littermates are Snowpool and Ashfern. I live for warriors!
185 days ago
I live to read warriors. ALready on the broken code!
195 days ago
I absolutely love warrior cats!
212 days ago
Btw who plays hay day?
212 days ago
Hi I’m flowerbreeze I have 2 liter mates called sunflower and thunder paw *sniff* but he is dead
213 days ago
I really hope I don't get dark forest again!
219 days ago
ARRR. Attention, sorry again+_+
219 days ago
Sorry, don't pat attemtion to the gray.
219 days ago
Yes, I have some advice!You should always double check your spelling(not that you aren't a great speller) before you hit the add comment button.Anyway, Galaxy, what a cool name. Is their a name you prefer, or what.What clan are you from? I'm from Runeclan,but you could read all about me if you scroll down and find my name. There is a typo, I meant to put that I have one blazing blue eye, and the other eye is a gentle gray.Sorry I didn't notice it sooner:(Mh blue eye shows off which emotion I'm feeling stronger, like if I'm sad,but more mad, my mad would show in my blue eye. The gray eye is for the more quieter emotions.Hey, comment if you want me to write a fanfiction and post it here.If you say yes, then I will ask if have any OC's you want in my fanfiction.It would be a big help if you put their personality too. Thanks! PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!
220 days ago
Hey everyone!
I have only read Dawn of the clans I’m Warrior cats, And I’m just starting on Into the wild. Was that a good way to star or not? Anyway, You can call me Stormspots, That’s my warrior name! (Well she’s a deputy but who cares?) I’m super excited to be here! Any advice or anything?
232 days ago
Do not be troubled Sparrowflight.Your ancestors will take good care of you and they watch you from the stars. You are not alone. I often feel alone, but do not fret dear. Cats care about Sparrowflight, you just have to keep looking,but be warned. Do not look for a different clan cat. I'm sure your kits will understand,they will of coarse show emotion, but its important for you to show your love for them.
232 days ago
Sunpool!Your not supposed to ask those type of questions!But....I am curious, so go ahead:).