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Mistystar (29616)
8 days ago
I would have been Hazelbird if I wasn’t mistystar
dovewing (81107)
9 days ago
i want dove wing so cool my fave
Mistystar (29616)
9 days ago
I want to be Mistystar!duh
Stormberry (83864)
11 days ago
I love warrior cats! Stormberry is my warrior name. I would be a leader and I’m in Thunderclan
Fgdhhdhdhdhhdb (70440)
13 days ago
Wth is this quiz it just says aaaaaaaaaaaa or something
Firestar (48841)
14 days ago
I would be Firestar, obviously.
Ciara (71753)
30 days ago
hello i hope you have good luck with your quiz!
Skyleaf (86725)
32 days ago
Welp...this is my name!
Goldenleaf (04196)
33 days ago
Warriors are the best!!!!! These tests are uh pretty bad but... Anyway I love warriors and so does my crush! :D
Kate (37441)
36 days ago
I wanted to be Darkfrost
Penny Wei (64663)
39 days ago
I want to be Bluestar
Your Name (80614)
51 days ago
I’d want to be called Hailstorm
christina (15215)
52 days ago
my warrior nme would be lightstar
Stormfeather (85242)
55 days ago
I think so haven’t done any quizz yet
Stormfeather (85242)
55 days ago
Me a med cat apprentice
Stormfeather (85242)
55 days ago
And being reencarnated as a warrior cat
Stormfeather (85242)
55 days ago
When I die I’m going to STARCLAN
WHY?!!!!! (34030)
114 days ago
I'm a girl in the real world but every time i do one of these quizzes, it makes me a boy. Why, Starclan, WHY?!
Did I get the right answer? (86168)
139 days ago
I got firepoop.....boi
Ivypoo (32308)
143 days ago
That would be cool if we were warrior cats