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75 days ago
I am deputy of ShadowClan my mate is HawkBreeze. I am a black and white she-cat with amber eyes. When I was a kit I got a scar across my eye and my ear torn off.I almost drowned as a kit..My kits are 2 she-cats and a tom.The first she-kits name is Breezekit (breezeclaw) the second she-kit is falconkit (falconpetal) the toms name is hawk'kit (hawkspeed)
80 days ago
and white socks P.S Hi Birchfern wanna be friends?
80 days ago
I am deputy of Thunderclan my mate is Lionblaze. I am a orangey-brown she-cat. As a kit got my ear torn off. Have one kit called Shytail (Med. Cat) And I have a apprentice called Bunnypaw oh yea I'm Bramblestars deputy.
82 days ago
I also have an apprentice named Onyxpaw
82 days ago
I am deputy of Riverclan, have no mate, and almost drowned as a kit. I am a creamy white she-cat with a bunch of black colored speckles that group together and make it look like I have faded black spots. My eyes are green.
88 days ago
im feather that falls from sky. i am from the tribe of rushing water or sky clan. im a white she-cat with green eyes.
89 days ago
Snowhawk of riverclan at your service i am deputy a she cat and my apprentice is reed paw
92 days ago
I am a dark gray she-cat with a white dot over my nose
92 days ago
I am Lavender tail of thunder clan. lol MEOW
93 days ago
98 days ago
i'm snow pelt lol
99 days ago
I'm Forestfire deputy of thunderclan , great granddaughter of firestar,
103 days ago
I'm a Thunder Clan warrior. Brown she-cat with white socks and white tip of the ears. I have 3 kits that are apprentices no Cloud paw, Rain paw, and Dark Paw.
104 days ago
I'm featherflight! Medicine cat of riverclan!
104 days ago
Hi!!! I'm Hawkfire, senior warrior of Thunderclan. I'm a white she-cat with black spots on my head. My mate is Apple, we had 6 kits, and my father is Kestrelflight, the wind clan medicine cat so I was send to Thunderclan.
105 days ago
Hi there! I'm Daydream. I'm a resident of Skyclan, and yes, I'm a she cat. I have beautiful cream fur, that his silky. Along my pelt and face, I have brown stripes, and I had alluring blue eyes. I can be shy at times, but mostly I;m energetic and fun!
105 days ago
White She-cat with green eyes, River Clan lol yes I love this clan. my mum is Tawny Bracken and my da is Jay Tail. Dies swimming from a pack of dogs
108 days ago
I am Mintpaw from ThunderClan!
111 days ago
moon kit i would like to take you hunting for the first time will u come?
111 days ago
*walks to river clan border*
Gray Cloud: owl heart are you there * a sleek brown tom with a white under belly and amber eyes appears and touches noses love like *
Owl Heart: Gray Cloud i have not seen u in awhile...last gathering right.*Gray Cloud nods*
Gray Cloud: are kits are apprentices now.
Owl Heart: Rain paw, Cloud paw and Storm paw really i'm so happy i just wish i could see them
Gray Cloud: maybe u can at the next gathering*walks away* i miss u owl heart...
*sleeps in warriors den*