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Somewhere on the border between Starclan and The Dark Forest is a misty white line your very favorite Warrior Cat probably crosses every night. Purrsonality-wise, are you like that cat? Or purrhaps you pre-fur your favorite Warrior Cat because he or she is quite different from you?
OK, OK, so we're getting a little crazy with the cat puns! The point is, if you're obsessed with Warrior Cats and have been wondering which one you're the most like, or anything else related to Warrior Cat characteristics, you're in the right place. Welcome to our Warrior Cat personality cat-egory of quizzes!
Or maybe you haven't wondered about this topic until right meow...and the thought of finding out is just too intriguing to pass up? Either way, why not try a test or two now? There are loads of them - find out which leader you are, what your rank is, what your name is, which Thunderclan cat you might be and more. What a purrfect way for a Warrior Cat fan to kill some time!

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481 days ago
I am a brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and amber eyes I was a rouge around the thunder clan territory. My mum Crystal Claw killed another cat and ran with me and my father. My father got killed from a fox trap and I ran right into the gorge of the thunder clan camp thats when I was named Sparrow Paw. I love another tabby cat named WolfFang who's from another clan. we had kits Rock kit Pheasant kit and Dandelion kit. I die as a elder saving them from a badger.
483 days ago
Hi. i exist! and i became a medcat so hi! :D
489 days ago
I have to admit, though, Ivypool is better than DovewingXD
489 days ago
Sunstripe. I like that name
490 days ago
I havent even done the quiz yet why am i making a comment
491 days ago
dovewing lol XD
what are you thinking? xD
491 days ago
I wanted to point out how terrible i am I HATE MY SELF and ivy pool is SOOO much better then M-E :3 i also am very dumb
491 days ago
Hmm. I don't know what the warrior code is, but I'm guessing that's a bad thing that you broke it. Why are you announcing it?
493 days ago
Hi =) i am dove wing the VERY annoying she-cat and i break the warrior code
497 days ago
Hey! Hear you have been chatting with my sisters, zo I decided to introduce myself! My name is Sunpool of Runeclan. I am a golden she-cat with tan spots and blazing blue eyes. I don't have a love interest because I'm trying to become a deputy. My mentor was Bronzeclaw. Oops! I forgot to mention my talent. My talent is doing tricks in the water, which make great manuvers underwater. Cats say I trust everyone and am the first cat to make friends, but I actually just have better judgment and am very decisive. Thank you for listening. May the Fallen Warriors light your path! BYE!!! Oh, uh did I just wake you up Diamoundheart? I am rally sorry!
497 days ago
Greetings Littlemoon, it is an honor hearing from you. Tell me something, the elders say you are the only clan in your forest that eat fish and swim in rivers? Its normal for us, since a lot of cats in Runeclan have water talents.
497 days ago
Since Runeclan is the only clan in our forest, that means there is only one medicine cat, with the exception of medicine cat aprentices. Usally the medicine cat and their aprentices meet on the bank the Starlight Pool. Its a pool that reflects the stars so well, that it looks like your looking at the stars themselves.To become a medicine cat aprentice, you need to have something happen to you. My call was a little late. I was a warrior aprentice at the time and something happened that made me get my unusual white spots. Anyway, thank you Irisfall of Iceclan. You shared something important to you, so I did the same. I just hope Morningdew dosn't find out! May the Falle-uh, I mean Starclan light you path. Still getting used to it! Though I'm. sure I'll get the hang of it! I would like to hear from you again. It gets kind of lonley...
497 days ago
Hi I am medicine cat of riverclan
501 days ago
vvvv StarClan.* Autocorrect again, sorry.
502 days ago
Moondust.* Sorry, it was an autocorrect.
502 days ago
Moo dust, it would be an honor to meet you. I gather with my fellow Medicine cats at Crystal Cavern.
502 days ago
May StarCan or as you call them, the Fallen Warriors light your path Moondust and Aquastone!
505 days ago
Greetings cats of all clans. My name is Moondust,and I have been given the honor of being Runeclans medicine cat. Though many of you share Starclan as your ancesstors, the Fallen Warriors paw prints have walked my forest for moons apon moons. I am a blue-black she-cat with white spots, though I was not born with my spots. If you wish to know how I got them, just ask, and the Fallen Warriors may give you a vision of what happened. Anyway, my ear tips and tail tip are white. I have two littermates named Sunpool and Aquastone, though you already met Aquastone. Our father is SmokeEar of Runeclan and our mother is Fernfoot of Runeclan. My mentor is Morningdew. I share her with Mintpaw. I hope we medicine cats could meet one day, but until that day comes, stay safe and well fed. Oh goodness! Nightcrow! Is that a fox bite?! Sorry, until we meet again. Come inside the den. May your ancesstors light your path!
506 days ago
I'm evil,I like to be the best
506 days ago
Greetings, my name is Aquastone of Runeclan(made up clan). I am a gray she-cat and have brown patches on my fur with gray-blue eyes. All Runeclan cats thrive on talents that they must discover and have a mentor to help them. My talent is swimming. I have two littermates, Sunpool and Moondust. My love interest is Redwood(sorry if that is anyones name). My ancesstors are called Fallen Warriors because even Medicine cats fight against sicknesses and wounds. May the Fallen Warriors guid you in every paw step that you take and help you fight your own battles.