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Somewhere on the border between Starclan and The Dark Forest is a misty white line your very favorite Warrior Cat probably crosses every night. Purrsonality-wise, are you like that cat? Or purrhaps you pre-fur your favorite Warrior Cat because he or she is quite different from you?
OK, OK, so we're getting a little crazy with the cat puns! The point is, if you're obsessed with Warrior Cats and have been wondering which one you're the most like, or anything else related to Warrior Cat characteristics, you're in the right place. Welcome to our Warrior Cat personality cat-egory of quizzes!
Or maybe you haven't wondered about this topic until right meow...and the thought of finding out is just too intriguing to pass up? Either way, why not try a test or two now? There are loads of them - find out which leader you are, what your rank is, what your name is, which Thunderclan cat you might be and more. What a purrfect way for a Warrior Cat fan to kill some time!

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283 days ago
Ambertail, medicine cat of Skyclan, at your service!
285 days ago
i wanna be oakheart buy=t i wanna be fire paw more!
293 days ago
I am a leader of ThunderClan and my deputy is tawny fawn
294 days ago
And can any of you be my friend?????????
294 days ago
And Silversplash give it a go👍🏽
294 days ago
* and I am*
( sorry mistakes happen)😰😰😰
294 days ago
Hello itz Luna
I would like to call myself Dawnfeather. A beautiful light ginger she-cat with a white chest ,emerald green eyes and a scar across my left shoulder from a shadowclan attack.I am the deputy of thunderclan and have a mate called Flamepelt and training an apprentice called Rosepaw.
“Finally done” * breathes*😓
296 days ago
Hi, I'm Rainfeather, loyal warrior of WindClan. I am a young grey she-cat with dark stormy eyes. I have a scar across my left eye from a fight with a badger. I have no mate or kits. I have an apprentice called Foxpaw.
297 days ago
hey I’m moon plet and I look like feather tail but lighter pelt. I’m a RC she-cat and I’m loyal
301 days ago
Hello, its Breezeclaw again. My pelt is light blue-silver and I have a white dash on my forehead, unlike my mate Darkpelt who it dark brown with black stripes.
301 days ago
I'm Breezeclaw, the RiverClan medicine cat. I'm very agile and light on my paws. I am very loyal and dedicated to my Clan, but I have fallen in love with a ThunderClan cat named Darkpelt.
301 days ago
Hello I am Whitechest I am a Riverclan medicine cat tom with an apprintice named Hollypaw I hope one day all of the cats in the forest will get along(bruh in real life I’m a girl tho🤣🤣)
309 days ago
Good luck silversplash
310 days ago
Hello! I am a Thunderclan warrior with the pelt of a riverclan love to swim (the clan talks behind my back all the time about how I should be to Riverclan😭) anyway... I am the Thunderclan deputy and my mate is a skyclan cat and only my leader (Bramblestarwho is one of my really good friends) and my bestie icepelt know! Should I join skyclan???? i might start a warriors can fiction about this... So what do y'all think
311 days ago
Hi this is flameclaw again, um shadowclaw? Did you spell ShadowClan wrong
312 days ago
Hello! I from poland
312 days ago
Hello! I am Rabbitflower. I am a norwegian forest cat. I'm a black, ginger and grey she-cat with a bushy pelt. My clan is Moon Clan.
313 days ago
ALSO IM A SHE~CAT and my mate is called blazepelt
313 days ago
Also I'm shadow claw and I in shdowclan and I have a black( pelt with one paw white and one ear white and a white muzzle with a white tipped tail.
313 days ago
When the deputy's dead I will most likely become deputy no offence.