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Which Wings of Fire Queen are You?

Wings of Fire: Who Am I?

Wings of Fire: Who Am I?

What dragon are you?

What Wings of Fire: Freaks dragon are you?

The Jade Winglet

What wings of fire tribe are you in?

Wings of Fire: What Dragonet Are You?

'Wings of Fire' dragon test

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40 days ago
I'm Moon of the NightWings!
55 days ago
I don't know why im here . Im new. hiiiiiii!
55 days ago
I am Queen Glory of the Rainwings and Nightwing. Also Midnight you are not my daughter
96 days ago
*roars, flexes claws* Fine, I admit it was a great right test. Sorry, I'm being an IceWing XP
96 days ago
James why did you claim to be starflight?
109 days ago
Just saying I love wof buuuuut so e people go insane like someone said they are the only living child of sunny and starlight but also I like fanfics but just saying yeh know
155 days ago
I am daughter of Glory and Deathbringer. I also lead a troop of seven rainwing hybrids. All different hybrids!!!
208 days ago
i'm starflight of the night wings
216 days ago
Im Moonwatcher of the NightWings!
268 days ago
I love Wings of Fire I am Sunny and Starflight's child and the only living one