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326 days ago
I'm female alpha which I thought so because I'm fierce and loyal to my friends but they look up to me and they always know I'm in charge. They also know that if we were all wolves then I'd for sure be alpha. I even feel like an actual wolf in real life it feels so real! I mean I howl at the full moon and I act like a wolf and I'm everything like a wolf! So yeah! I think I'm a wolfblood!
550 days ago
Im beta( fills in alpha if needed to) and hunter if not
721 days ago
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741 days ago
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824 days ago
im a alfa female wolf who has pups and im a wihte wolf and i care for others sometimes
915 days ago
black female alfa wolf >:) MWAHAHAHA *coughs*
1327 days ago
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1363 days ago
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1380 days ago
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