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What Type Of Emo Are You?

Are you Emo or a wannabe?

Are you emo or what?

Are you an Emo kid?

How emo are you?

How Emo Are You?

Are You Emo?

Are You REALLY Emo?

How Emo Are You?

How emo are you really?

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Comments (6)


Maya (66353)
16 days ago
I'm actually always depressed doesent have to do anything with being emo
Giuliana (30912)
27 days ago
Umm hi... I don’t really know what to say
Maike (11006)
73 days ago
Hahah lol i'm definetly emo and i love it
Caelyn (25703)
74 days ago
I self harm all the time but it's nothing to joke about
black man (89890)
119 days ago
xjennxrad (07023)
529 days ago
hey i am a girl and moms don't understand black