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What's an emo? According to kid-authored excerpts from Urban Dictionary, emos "don't care what ppl think," "like a good band whether they're on mtv or not," are "usually emotional...don't want to make their feelings public and end up expressing mainly through poetry or songs." Oh, and they supposedly buy a lot of stuff at Hot Topic.
Depending on the kid you ask, being an emo can be good or bad - basically, the same as being a prep or a goth or any other type can. And of course, like any other social type, there are "true" ones and "wannabes."
Kids are already tough enough on other kids, so we're not judging anyone who thinks they might be an emo. It's a subjective term, but we can probably agree: emo is about how we're feeling and how we express that. Sounds pretty human to us. Want to know if you're an emo? Take the tests in this section now!

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How Emo Are You?

Are you Emo or a wannabe?

Are you Emo?

Are you an Emo kid?

What Type Of Emo Are You?

How Emo Are You?

Are you emo or what?

Are You REALLY Emo?

How emo are you?

How emo are you really?

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16 days ago
Hi. IDK. save me (wake me up inside) idk what that was. bye
27 days ago
i want to get into being an emo but i scared of my parents
34 days ago
I really like the style of clothing, but it's not just the style. It's also the meaning and lyrics of the music. I love the color black, and I do not like wearing light colors. I'm more comfy with wearing darker colors. People always assume emos are just suicidal and everyone thinks of the stereotypes that aren't true. I don't get why emos get so much hate and that people thought (or maybe still think) that the bands are all cults. Christians dislike the bands, but I don't get why. Not all lyrics have cusses, and they aren't all bad either. Bands like MCR and BVB say good things towards their fans, and it makes me happy too! :D
37 days ago
Does anyone get it?
37 days ago
If you ever fell, like You Don’t Belong, remember it will get better.
62 days ago
Hi...I actually grew up knowing that I loved the color black and love/obsessed with twenty one pilots my parents don’t want me to be emo because r cristian but this is the way I feel even the doctor knows she said I should get a therapist but my parents didn’t except it so I didn’t go I hate myself I have been bullied all my life for being over weight I just wanted to share buy story but that is all for now 🖤
114 days ago
I hate when people say I’m Emo I’m very much so but still.😑
130 days ago
what if u have carers who say u arent emo but dont really know u
150 days ago
What do u do when you have parents who dont want u to be emo?
194 days ago
What do to when your mum wants you to wear pink all the time and she doesn’t know what emo is .-. welp
226 days ago
I'm definitely an emo and I'm proud of it and I love the dark cry to sLeep and I dislike is music and I love the word hate
226 days ago
259 days ago
emo seems pretty chill and cool and I fit in so well But I’ve only just stared or realised so...
283 days ago
I'm actually always depressed doesent have to do anything with being emo
294 days ago
Umm hi... I don’t really know what to say
340 days ago
Hahah lol i'm definetly emo and i love it
341 days ago
I self harm all the time but it's nothing to joke about
385 days ago
795 days ago
hey i am a girl and moms don't understand black