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Am I A Girly-Girl?

Am I A Girly-Girl?

Are you a girly girl?

How girly are you?

Are you a Girly Girl?

How Girly Am I?

Am I a girly-girl or a tomboy? (for girls)

Are you a girly girl?

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158 days ago
Imhotep I am a all the way tomboy and Cleo of I knew you I probably would not be ur friend cuz you sound selfish and don’t care about other people I don’t mean to be RUDE but from what you said that’s kinda what it sounds like sry if I offended you …
263 days ago
I’m soo popular like everyone adores me so ya I’m like so vsco and cool and popular I even have like 90 slaves
653 days ago
I'm so kind and cool.
Many people call me Mother Teresa Jr. Oh jeez .I really get angry when they call me with that name .
654 days ago
Sorry this is a bit long
Hey.I am a tomboy or you could cal me the
bad girl.I get in trouble A LOT but at the same time I get God grade so I can make
My dad who died proud.I started cutting ,but a few cuts a week nothing more serious.My mom doesn't love me for being myself.should I change and we'll be more girly?
720 days ago
Hi, wish I was a girl, i would b a girly girl x
933 days ago
I always get girly 💞