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How nice are you?

Are you a good person?

Are you a good person?

Am I Nice

What Kind of Hero are You?

How nice are you on a scale of 1-10?

What Type of Character Are You- Hero, Sidekick, Rival, or Villain?

What Type of Character Are You- Hero, Sidekick, Rival, or Villain?

What kind of a person are you?

Are you mostly mean or nice?

Are you nice on the inside?

Are you Evil or Pure Good?

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Kaitlynn🐰 (38637)
31 days ago
See, when I first moved in to my new school, strong friendships where already made. I went up and said hi to someone, and they said i was ugly. So I told my new teacher, and apparently she was on the girls who said I was ugly side. The teacher called me mean for dobbinb, Am I mean?! I'm only 8:(
Sanjana (45808)
98 days ago
I am very friendly at school also in home but sometimes when my mom shouts on me I'll get too angry I'll be not am in anger I'll shoòut on my mom brother too I'll like to meet friends a lotttt either it may be a girl or boy but now a days am not studying well there are some incidents which makes me feel that am bad
andrew (89456)
150 days ago
i am not really a good person at school and i fight with my brother and i am a sore loser.i am only 9 years old.
kima darlong (84667)
705 days ago
according to bible no 1 is gud but according to people i want to know m i good or bad person
chandan boro (75368)
707 days ago
How good or bad are you?
jayrenz (66712)
756 days ago
how good or bad me