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Are you a nerd? The word gets misused a lot, according to Urban Dictionary. They define nerd as "an individual who enjoys learning" who "does not adhere to social norms." "Booksmart," they say, is a nerd synonym. And a nerd is definitely NOT someone who wears fake "nerdy" glasses on a "Nerd Day" or any other day - with suspenders and bowties, or without.
Further, UD says, if you consider yourself a nerd, but "cannot hold an intelligent debate," you're not one. Nerds, they add, "do not need to look up the definition" and "have better things to do than play along with societal stereotypes." But, you CAN consider yourself a nerd if you "merely want to see what people think of when they think of the word 'nerd.' "
Who knew such a simple word could be so complicated? Anyway, we agree with Urban DIctionary's final nerd analysis: "Nerd is only a label. It doesn't matter whether you are or are not one. Nobody cares either way, and you should not, either." Want to find out if you're a nerd? Take a few of our nerd quizzes - and keep in mind, labels don't define.

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Are you a nerd?

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