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Am I A TRUE Tomboy?

Am I A TRUE Tomboy?

Are you a true tomboy?

Tomboy or girlygirl?

Tomboy Test

Are you a girly girl, tomboy, or a nerd?

Girly, Tomboy, or In Between

How tomboyish are you?

Am I a Tomboy?

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I’m gay so I think I’m a tomboyish so ya
10 days ago
I am SOOOOOOO tomboyish! I also look like a boy. ( everyone thinks I AM a boy) This is my result: SOOOOOOO Tomboy

You are SUCH a tomboy! You never brush your hair, you love sport, you are the furthest thing from a lady, and everyone thinks you are a boy!
21 days ago
I honestly think I'm a tomboii I play with boiis a lot
22 days ago
Hi I love boy things I always where tomboy clothes
24 days ago
I hate makeup, I love climbing, I love monster trucks, etc.
80 days ago
I'm meant girly,I'ma girl
80 days ago
I think I'm probably a tomboy,I've never wore make up or had some nail thing.Im also pretty smart.Im not girl at all.I took five other test and they said I was a boy taking a girl test.
83 days ago
I am a huge tomboy I live with three boys so but that’s not why I a tomboy I choose to be a tomboy not a girly girl because girly girl suck
88 days ago
uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
141 days ago
How do you tell that u r a tomboy
147 days ago
My name is for Emily it’s judt a name as my boyish name
202 days ago
284 days ago
been a tomboy ever since day 1
286 days ago
Yep am always thankful to be a tomboy because girly girls 😝😝also blue rocks!!😎
319 days ago
379 days ago
I am boy I don't know bc I love all girls stuff I wish I could show u guys my new nails I get them done yesterday pink with sticky glitter
410 days ago
This is my first time trying this idk how it work? Lol😂 I m a noob lol lmao
491 days ago


522 days ago
Um why y'all be saying trash bout other people don't hate because people be girly if you like football or soccer basketball or something like dat its chill but y'all ain't a Tomboy you be saying you are because you think it cool but you know you ain't
1166 days ago
Yes, everything says tomboy. Everything I've tried, tomboy tomboy tomboy! Awesome! I'm nothing like my little sister, who's name should be Pink Girl In A Stupid Princess Dress.