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By definition, a tomboy is a girl who likes things most people associate with boys. She supposedly would reject pink and frills and dolls, and embrace pants and sports and horseplay. While other, more "girly" girls are in front of the mirror trying out makeup hacks and perfecting their updos, the traditional tomboy is out playing sports with boys and falling off dirt bikes, skinning her knees through her Wranglers.
If you want to see if you could be considered a tomboy, you're definitely in the right place. We have a lot tests on the subject. Take some now to find out whether you're a "TRUE tomboy" or something else - for example, a girly-girl, a nerd, or just a normal girl.
But before you allow these quizzes, or other people, to define what you are, ask yourself WHY you want to know if you fit into a narrow category like "tomboy." Because it's OK to be whoever YOU are, and to like whatever YOU like. A "tomboy" can like pink, and a "girly-girl" can like riding dirt bikes. The most important thing is just to enjoy being a kid, and to accept - not judge - yourself and others. Individuality rules!

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Am I A TRUE Tomboy?

Am I A TRUE Tomboy?

Are you a true tomboy?

Tomboy or girlygirl?

Tomboy Test

Are you a girly girl, tomboy, or a nerd?

Girly, Tomboy, or In Between

How tomboyish are you?

Am I a Tomboy?

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1195 days ago
Yes, everything says tomboy. Everything I've tried, tomboy tomboy tomboy! Awesome! I'm nothing like my little sister, who's name should be Pink Girl In A Stupid Princess Dress.
1275 days ago
I am a tom boy and I like it I love football socor
1294 days ago
Hope this is really cool I now up I am a tomboy just got so bored
1302 days ago
Well i dont like this quiz