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By definition, a tomboy is a girl who likes things most people associate with boys. She supposedly would reject pink and frills and dolls, and embrace pants and sports and horseplay. While other, more "girly" girls are in front of the mirror trying out makeup hacks and perfecting their updos, the traditional tomboy is out playing sports with boys and falling off dirt bikes, skinning her knees through her Wranglers.
If you want to see if you could be considered a tomboy, you're definitely in the right place. We have a lot tests on the subject. Take some now to find out whether you're a "TRUE tomboy" or something else - for example, a girly-girl, a nerd, or just a normal girl.
But before you allow these quizzes, or other people, to define what you are, ask yourself WHY you want to know if you fit into a narrow category like "tomboy." Because it's OK to be whoever YOU are, and to like whatever YOU like. A "tomboy" can like pink, and a "girly-girl" can like riding dirt bikes. The most important thing is just to enjoy being a kid, and to accept - not judge - yourself and others. Individuality rules!

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The Ultimate.....TOMBOY TEST!

Are you a true tomboy?

Am I a tomboy?

Tomboy Test

What % tomboy am I?

Am I A TRUE Tomboy?

Am I A TRUE Tomboy?

Am I a tomboy quiz? (girls only)

Am I a Tomboy?

How tomboyish are you?

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73 days ago
I love anything to do with mud
!! I don't have a lot of girls that are my friends and well I lobe sports lile LOVE THEM!! i dont like and girly stuff like shoes or any of that and yeah thats about it!
91 days ago
I am a girl that acts like a boy tomboy love love sports I love to hang with the guys I have some best friends that are girls some best friends that are guys I always play with the boys so yea I am a tomboy
98 days ago
Im not sure wether im a tomboy or a girly girl,i dont wanna be a girly girl
124 days ago
I’m gay so I think I’m a tomboyish so ya
132 days ago
I am SOOOOOOO tomboyish! I also look like a boy. ( everyone thinks I AM a boy) This is my result: SOOOOOOO Tomboy

You are SUCH a tomboy! You never brush your hair, you love sport, you are the furthest thing from a lady, and everyone thinks you are a boy!
143 days ago
I honestly think I'm a tomboii I play with boiis a lot
144 days ago
Hi I love boy things I always where tomboy clothes
146 days ago
I hate makeup, I love climbing, I love monster trucks, etc.
202 days ago
I'm meant girly,I'ma girl
202 days ago
I think I'm probably a tomboy,I've never wore make up or had some nail thing.Im also pretty smart.Im not girl at all.I took five other test and they said I was a boy taking a girl test.
205 days ago
I am a huge tomboy I live with three boys so but that’s not why I a tomboy I choose to be a tomboy not a girly girl because girly girl suck
210 days ago
uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
263 days ago
How do you tell that u r a tomboy
269 days ago
My name is for Emily it’s judt a name as my boyish name
324 days ago
406 days ago
been a tomboy ever since day 1
408 days ago
Yep am always thankful to be a tomboy because girly girls 😝😝also blue rocks!!😎
442 days ago
501 days ago
I am boy I don't know bc I love all girls stuff I wish I could show u guys my new nails I get them done yesterday pink with sticky glitter
532 days ago
This is my first time trying this idk how it work? Lol😂 I m a noob lol lmao