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The world would be a pretty boring place if everyone were the same, right? It's obvious that every human being is unique – and not only in physical appearance. Each of us also has a certain personality profile that sets us apart. Taken together, our specific features and characteristics form our complete personality profile.
Want to know YOUR personality profile? Just take the tests and quizzes found here. You can learn so much! For instance, do you share similarities with your favorite celebrity, or maybe with a film or book hero? Find out here! You can also learn which professions would best suit your personality, if you're currently trying to make this difficult choice. And wouldn't it be fun to know more about your fashion style, or maybe see what animal you could be? There's so much to discover about yourself! Believe us, you don't know EVERYTHING about yourself yet. can help you get started on a journey of self-discovery!

Just like onions, people have many layers - and can sometimes make you cry! What kind of person are you? Complicated? Like a celebrity or a fictional hero? Take these tests and find out!

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Cindy Lou (57469)50 days ago
"Anyone here alive?"

Answer: no
62 days ago
Anyone here alive?
266 days ago
why am i here right now......
355 days ago
obut I dont get hurt when I eat chocolate
355 days ago
also if i ever see a human turn in to wolf i will feed you solamie or any meat but solamie is delish so...
355 days ago
ALL wolf ppl I have a questtion-how do you turn? because I have always had wolf instincts and a special connection with dogs every test I take no matter what it says I am a wolf in human form
538 days ago
549 days ago
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559 days ago
What quests TalkingPancake?
593 days ago
ATTENTION!!! you need to do these quests . I know i am just a talking pancake but who matters, i am bored too (PANCAKES HAVE FEELINGS TOOOO!!!)
617 days ago
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817 days ago
Oh, and I've made quizzes under the names Nicki Ada Lise and Addy too. Yes, this has nothing to do with personality. (Or does it?)
818 days ago
Laila_Quizzes I KNOW RIGHT
821 days ago
what do I do about my best friend who is extremely rich and pretty but tries to make me jealous all the time by hanging with boys and trying to get with every one of them?help
829 days ago
Yeah this website is awesome but the ads are like TOO ANNOYING
829 days ago
Hi @TheQuizzyAddict if i find your quiz I'll comment!