How Masculine/Feminine Am I?๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ƒ Gender Role Test

While this isn't exactly the Bem Sex Role Inventory, my gender role test will tell you whether you're more masculine than feminine or vice-versa. If you've long felt that traditional gender stereotyping is not scrupulously accurate and/or that gender stereotypes are outdated, you'll enjoy my test. If you're intrigued or have been wondering about where you fall as far as your gender role, try my gender role test now!

  • 1
    You've just finished writing a short fiction story for a class, and you're really proud of your work. Which would be the first thing you'd do?
    You've just finished writing a short fiction story for a class, and you're really proud of your work. Which would be the first thing you
  • 2
    You need to make an important decision. There are two options, but you can't decide which to do. Which of these would help you most?
  • 3
    Which of these would make you the happiest in the future?

  • 4
    If your partner were unfaithful, how far would you go to get revenge?
  • 5
    Which physical qualities do you find the most attractive in a mate?
  • 6
    Which describes your personality best?

  • 7
    Which of these environments best fits your personality?
  • 8
    Which set of characteristics best describes you?
  • 9
    If you were an ancient Greek, would you be allowed to bury your dead?
  • 10
    And now for what I think is THE MOST REVEALING QUESTION: Which of these colors do you like the best?

Comments (124)


1247 days ago
Apparently more masculine even though Iโ€™m cis feminine

I guess Iโ€™m just weird haha
1251 days ago
It said I would grow a beard and watch wrestling (even though I have to wax my mustache and I hate watching sports)
1252 days ago
70% androgynous. I already knew I acted like a girl and boy but it said I was more manly though. Welp....
1256 days ago
What does it mean to be 40%?
1256 days ago
Same Mandy! I think it means beat woman up and yell at them. Which I would NEVER do to ANYONE! (At least not beat them up)
1256 days ago
This test could not be more wrong! First I am a vegetarian so no meat for me! Second I do not want to grow a facial hair! Third I am not VILANT in fact Inam a QUAKER PACIFIS I am AGENST VIOLENCE! This quiz said that I loved fighting, eating meat, and probably growing facial hair! Sure I am masculine but not like that at all!
1260 days ago
I'm a female and it said I was 40% masculine, which is fine. But what I thought was hilarious is when it told me I fear homosexuality.. when I'm bisexual myself ๐Ÿ˜‚
1305 days ago
Calm down, it's a harmless quiz. You don't have to be so defensive๐Ÿ‘€smh
1404 days ago
Plz I hate that there's only two categories that ppl see man or woman when there is so much more to it than that......FYI IM GAY
1424 days ago
I get: "For 30 % you are: You are oh-so-obviously a woman" + "For 30 % you are: You are a blend of masculine and feminine, yet you lean more toward the girly side."....
"with lots of emotional outbursts" ALL TRUE !
I'm getting this result on many tests having a dominant female side - I'm male (at least biologically) !
I need an appointment with a shrink.....
1438 days ago
It says Iโ€™m more masculine and that I โ€œknow how to put a woman in her rightful placeโ€. The hell is that supposed to mean?
1451 days ago
I got 50 percent oh so Obveously a woman well I am a trans female and yes I have always known that in some way.
1454 days ago
Im a trans male so i want to be gay it never was nice enough to say or gay on any it assumed that i was strange โ€ข_โ€ข
1468 days ago
Mine said I was 40% woman and 40% man
I mean, those percentages don't even add up ahaha
1497 days ago
i dont โ€œcryโ€ or โ€œweepโ€ when watching romantic movies
1529 days ago
@DragonGems, ditto. Every word lol
1536 days ago
Apparently Iโ€™m both? But it lists more of the masculine qualities... I dunno at this point. I mean, sure, itโ€™d be cool to try being a guy, but a beard? Really? (Iโ€™d like to wear a binder, but I donโ€™t know if that counts.)
1547 days ago
I don't know if they're assuming I'm a heterosexual woman, homosexual man or everything in between. So confusing
1553 days ago
i got 43%, which is a mix of both but on the more male side. it makes sense.
1558 days ago
Well this makes sence because im genderfluid

I actually tend to be more melasculine
I will be getting my binder next month so thats fun