Am I Male, Female - Or Both?

Does it seem like you're always being asked to tick a box that declares which gender you are? That's life outside your head - just pick and tick. But on the inside, unfortunately, it's not always so easy to know which gender you truly feel like and actually are. Try this quiz, and hopefully you'll end up closer to finding the answer you're looking for! Good luck!

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    Biologically, are you considered male or female? (I.e., what's your birth sex?)
    Biologically, are you considered male or female? (I.e., what's your birth sex?)

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21 days ago
yayyy im just a boyish girl. i like boys not girls. and sorry to lbtq that i said yay its just because i like boys more and hoped it wouldnt say i didnt. but MY BOYFRIEND MOST LIKELY I S LBTQ 😢😖 hes been doing ❤ in fortnite lately with my friend that got a bond with him. and who hooked us up a few months ago. and my boyfriend was so scared to say he loved me he said it to my emeny who lives next stoor to me and he screamed my bf loved me. i asked my bf why he say that and he said he wanted to know what i would say... then my ememy started talking bout ❤ to my grandma and said ill have ❤ with my boyfriend when i grow up... and he watches his brother have ❤ with his gf... and my ememy is only SIX. he moved out and i still call him.. i dream about having ❤ with my boyfriend all the time.. but i acted unintresied in my boyfriend so he must think im uninrestid PLEASEEEE HELP
68 days ago
I am a female but not a girly girl!
91 days ago
I am both and i am fine with that cause i am already bi
126 days ago
Im both genders, and I think that's fine.
128 days ago
OMG “cool person” literally same lmao
128 days ago
Why do they ask about french fries LMFAO
137 days ago
ummm well i kinda just got hooked yesterday and itsays i am both. umm what do i tell mags. hey um i am fluid here i think........ help me out
160 days ago
I am so confused, like am I female because I want to kiss a guy and what do my siblings have to do with it. I live in england I wear pjs to bed because it is cold, I were a robe around the house because it is cold. urgghhh now I don't now whether I'm FTM or not :(
164 days ago
I got it I’m a female!!!!!!!!!!!!
168 days ago
I think am a Female or an Male
170 days ago
Just a note!💋and Gender are definitely NOT interchangeable words and there were a lot of errors in this test, but remember! You are YOU. don’t let some random online test define you, if you feel like a male, female, neither or both etc. etc. BE YOURSELF
173 days ago
Ummmmmmmmm. I got female. Gender fuild person here :/
173 days ago
i got exactly what you got hi but it was 62%
177 days ago
"For 54% you are: You are most definitely a female. You might not be a girly-girl - shoot, you might despise wearing pink or love watching pro wrestling - but you're way more feminine than you are masculine. A person's🐤doesn't and shouldn't completely define them. It's more of a guideline or a general direction. You just do you and don't worry about any haters.
46% of 106580 quiz participants had this profile!" thats what I got-
195 days ago
hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
196 days ago
"69% both" -me- uh- ok? I LIKE PLAYING IN DE SNOW (idk why i said that-)
196 days ago
I am boy subordinates and my mom are not a bad kid so it’s ok if I don’t have the time I don’t want them I want them out of the same wesame eI’m eI’m eI’m eis is eis everything r the best way for you guys and your friends
197 days ago
Gender fluid uh ok not what i was expecting but i think it does what gender u wanna be LOL
197 days ago
“For 46% you are: You are both. You like a little bit of everything and change things up whenever the mood strikes. You're the perfect example of a person's💑not completely defining them. It's more of a guideline or a general direction. Just be you, and don't ever believe anyone who says that's not good enough.” That doesn’t help. But thanks
197 days ago
“What gender do you want to be?” YEAH THATS WHAT IM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT.