Am I Male, Female - Or Both? The Gender Quiz

Do you get annoyed whenever you're required to check a box that declares which gender you are? That's real life outside your head - just pick & tick. But on the inside, you might not feel like you're fully one gender, at least not all of the time. This quiz can hopefully help you figure out whether you are gender fluid or are definitely only one sex. Try it now!

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    Biologically, are you considered male or female? (I.e., what's your birth sex?)
    Biologically, are you considered male or female? (I.e., what's your birth sex?)

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9 days ago
I got gender-fluid =D
24 days ago
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26 days ago
Hi im good wot bout u
41 days ago
Hiii how r y'all ???????
42 days ago
Hola Peeps , Hiya Guys , Hi
54 days ago
I did this quiz as a trans male and i did what i was comfotable with for the answers
56 days ago
so delete the p's ok? it wont let me say Spepx with out the ps
56 days ago
hello there is a word it will not let me say
56 days ago
the cop is😻sorry.
56 days ago
It is sooooo wrong I am totally genderfluid and t just says i am not and it thinks i am a girl because i am afab. and how does💝matter like what if i am gay/lesbian or pansexual or bi or asexual
59 days ago
77%gender fluid but I’m a girl that loves potato’s
88 days ago
Idk how my french fry taste affects my gender ngl
107 days ago
The results are 62% boyyyy
142 days ago
Why is there only straight 🐬options?
221 days ago
I dont think im either even i made the test
282 days ago
I got 38% but definitely female! I love that and want to be female but I still like girls!! Maybe inside I'm a lesbian!?,!
354 days ago
354 days ago
Why do I have to say what kind of fries I like 😢
361 days ago
This is a weird quiz, I don't fit many of the options at all. :/
402 days ago
yayyy im just a boyish girl. i like boys not girls. and sorry to lbtq that i said yay its just because i like boys more and hoped it wouldnt say i didnt. but MY BOYFRIEND MOST LIKELY I S LBTQ 😢😖 hes been doing ❤ in fortnite lately with my friend that got a bond with him. and who hooked us up a few months ago. and my boyfriend was so scared to say he loved me he said it to my emeny who lives next stoor to me and he screamed my bf loved me. i asked my bf why he say that and he said he wanted to know what i would say... then my ememy started talking bout ❤ to my grandma and said ill have ❤ with my boyfriend when i grow up... and he watches his brother have ❤ with his gf... and my ememy is only SIX. he moved out and i still call him.. i dream about having ❤ with my boyfriend all the time.. but i acted unintresied in my boyfriend so he must think im uninrestid PLEASEEEE HELP