I can guess your gender quiz

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I will have a series of questions helping me decide whether I think you are a boy or a girl.

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    What is your favorite color?

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2 days ago
They said I was 30% girl and 30% boy
22 days ago
Jesus. Why is everyone commenting the fact that there are "only 2 genders"?? Do you expect there to be every gender anyone on this godforsaken planet has labeled themself as?
26 days ago
I took this quiz cuz I was bored and they think I’m a boy I’m a girl •-• Just because girls like boy stuff dose not mean we are boys all girls don’t like pink and skirts and Start complaining when we get dirt under there nails
49 days ago
It gave me three results
Girl cat lady
Girl who loves pandas
And boyyyyyyyyy who loves football?
None of these apply? I don’t have a label for my gender yet and pandas are definitely not my favourite, that cat lover part is true but I hate sports lol
59 days ago
I'm not a boy.... I suppose I do act like a boy and nothing like a girl...
65 days ago
Noooooo I’m not a guyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (or at least not today idk)


Sorry, it’s just that when you’re genderfluid, you take this test one day and it’s partially right, and the next day I gets angy.

Also I’m not out to my family, please advise me on how to come out?
70 days ago
I haven't come out but I'm trans ftm in a homophobic family. Anyways I got male 😁 this just proves my mind and my body are just to different
100 days ago
i just casually took this, as a trans guy, to help get rid of my dysphoria...I GOT BOY THO SO POG- not pog that they think theres only 2 genders tho :/
104 days ago
Dude... There are only two genders on here. This site said it could guess gender.. But it isn't including all of them! Im non binary. You shouldn't limit genders. You should make them limitless! You should include all genders. Even people who are agender (No gender) we should include EVERYONE. no matter religion, size, color, gender, or sexuality! Say ABC if you agree about this! Also this quiz is kind of odd... It makes no sense. ❤✨🌈
139 days ago
Is it American football? :?
150 days ago
as an agender/non-binary/im figuring it out human, why were there only two genders? 🤔💭
151 days ago
Me: "hm my favourite animal is a cat, also because I had a cat some years ago"
Quiz: "you have a thing for dogs. if you don't have a dog you have no pet!"
Me: "bruh"
155 days ago
i'm not a boy or a girl
185 days ago
they said I am a boy, and I hope I am because I hate being a female, I am nothing like female
when I took the other tests nothing says I am a female, every results tells me that I am a boy and I am suppose to be boy
199 days ago
Why am i here i’m not a girl or a boy ;-;
200 days ago
I literally said I liked cats but got me liking dogs lol? Also, I'm a girl, but dad calls me his son so I can see why lmao
207 days ago
i am not a BOY!!!!But..eh..i am a tomboyish girl
221 days ago
Uh I’m not a boy but the description is accurate! I love football and according to my friends I am ‘fiery when I need to be’ which is good with me!😉😁
223 days ago
Describes me almost perfectly. Boy/like dogs.
224 days ago
GRR! great. I just went to chick ful a and a guy about a year older than me mistaken me for a BOY because my voice is lower than average. GRR.