What Is Your Gender?

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If you find yourself pondering your gender identity, you've come to the right place. This quiz aims to offer some guidance by aligning your experiences and feelings with various gender categories. Whether you identify with the traditional binary genders, fall somewhere on the nonbinary spectrum, or are exploring an identity that defies categorization, this quiz can offer valuable insights. Keep in mind that no quiz can definitively determine your gender—that's a deeply personal realization that only you can make. Nevertheless, take this as a starting point, a catalyst for deeper thought and conversations about who you truly are.

  • 1
    You are in a world where no one knows you. Someone asks if you are male or female. What do you say?
  • 2
    You have to split into a group: Boys or Girls. Which one do you want to go to?
  • 3
    If you were to meet a stranger, you'd like them to think you are:

  • 4
    Your role models are generally ...
  • 5
    You are asked what your pronouns are. How do you answer?
  • 6
    If you were in a relationship, you would like your partner to refer to you as their ...

  • 7
    What do you feel like you are?
  • 8
    You're in public, and you have to go to the restroom. You are welcome in any bathroom. Which do you enter?
  • 9
    What do you think of gendered products?
  • 10
    What answer are you hoping for?

Comments (132)


40 days ago
I got 40% boy
30% agender
20% nonbinary
10% bigender
61 days ago
I hope I get #########
81 days ago
100% male. Still 🐬 unsure
108 days ago
That's all about pidarasas
225 days ago
I'm good old friendly female😗
231 days ago
I would like to say it that idk why my name is wolfy i think it's bc I really like wolves and I like to be a human wolf I actually am a human wolf so I have to stay home and not go to school -_-
327 days ago
I m something like genderqueer and this test says i m bi or polygender and its realy great
365 days ago
Love how I got 0% on female. I am Genderfluid but too scared to come out to my family although my preferred pronouns are he/him :)
399 days ago
i got 60% agender 20% bigender 10% emby\nonbinary 10% female and 0% male ao as a gendervoid i actually feel a lil less disphoric somehow bc finally a quiz gave me a gender thats almost right :)
419 days ago
@aaa You use whatever pronouns you like most and feel most comfortable nobody who is sane cares
421 days ago
40% male
30% agender
10% nonbinary/genderqueer

i think im maybe demiboy or kind of nonbinary boy if that makes sense but i still use he/him is that ok
430 days ago
lets goo i got 40% girl, which is girl enough to me!!! that means im still a girl!! ive been questioning lately and trying out different pronouns and thinking a lot about gender presentation and gender identity, but i still identify as a girl!
474 days ago
Lol I got poly gender, and a few other things, plus 0% of my assigned gender. Yep sums me up pretty well. I'm kind of confused right now if I'm omnigender or genderfluid. What I do know is that coming out is going to be hella complicated.
481 days ago
Zhi (83318) yep my mom too thinks tap water changes our blood to be gay and if u have trauma you turn gay and internet too yep because straight is normal and different 🙄😭😠😭
481 days ago
60 % female 30 % agender 10 % bigender
482 days ago
I used to think I was a cis female, then I met some non- binary friends and started looking into gender more. I identified as a demigirl for a long time, then I thought I was agender for a bit, then bigender, then non-binary. I looked into non- binary more and I think I am enby, but I'm not really comfortable with my birth name or she/they pronouns. I have no idea how to come out to my family as I heard my mum speaking to her friend a few weeks ago about how she thinks non-binary people are just confused and stressed due to covid and having to home school. If I told her I was non-binary I'm scared of what might happen. I don't know if my friends are transphobic or not, and they might just think I'm doing it for attention. On top of this, I have been starting to question my sexuality too. Please let me know if you have advice!
491 days ago
90% male 10% agender i guess accurate
498 days ago
I took it twice and it said I'm agender, but I identify as non-binary
510 days ago
I use he/they pronouns and i'm proud of myself. If you read this, be proud of yourself
511 days ago
I'm genderfluid, or more specifically genderfluidflux
but since thats not an option i got polygender